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Free Soul Mind/Body Education --  Vortex Tours  

Sedona Vortex Info - NEW DVD (Also see a brief Video of MIT Honors Graduate, Pete Sanders, explaining Vortexes click - YouTube Channel: SedonaFreeSoul)   We accept international orders for our eductional material.

(& much more)
by M.I.T.-Trained Scientist
and Free Soul Founder                Vets & Active Military - For Help with PTSD Relief - click here
Pete A. Sanders Jr.

Gallery Photos by John Faulconer

Get Freedom from Distress with...                            

...Science for Living Life "As a Soul"

with ALL the Happiness, Security,

and Unlimited Spiritual Potentials             Click here - For initial FREE Training

that Are Your Birthright!


Free Soul is a fully registered 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt** NonProfit Public Education Program founded in 1980 in Sedona, Arizona by M.I.T. Honors Graduate, Pete A. Sanders Jr. It is designed to help you explore your unlimited potential for Natural Mood Elevation, Mind/Body Self-Healing, Soul Awareness, Psychic Perception, and Old Programming Elimination.

**Donations are FULLY Tax-deductible (click here or on Donations bar in upper right above).
Mail to: Free Soul, P.O. Box 1762, Sedona, AZ 86339 (or write us for printed information about Free Soul's materials & Retreats)

The primary purpose of Free Soul is to share skills that help people be their own best spiritual teachers.

For seekers coming to Sedona, Mr. Sanders offers three vortex training options See Sedona Vortex Information  and/or Sedona Vortex Tours. Also available are RETREATS IN SEDONA FOR YOUR GROUP.  (To see a Brief Video of Mr. Sanders explaining Vortexes click - YouTube Channel: SedonaFreeSoul).

and in February 2016, Free Soul's Sedona Winter Retreat.

Please use our Local Instructors  lists (see top, bottom or side menus) to locate someone in your area who is certified by Free Soul as an instructor and or counselor. Through them you can - LEARN SOUL INFUSION - Mr. Sanders' New Discovery for being FULLY Soul Connected without being spacy or ungrounded. If you do not have an Instructor in your area or prefer Self-Study, this technique CAN now also be learned from the NEW Advanced DVDs Set "Science for Living AS a Soul" and the Advanced Soul Infusion CDs.

The main benefit of the Free Soul First Counseling  (FS001) "Introductory Soul Profile" (see Guides Private Session) is that you learn how to directly communicate with your own team of Spirit Guides (Guardian Angels) for the rest of your life. Local Instructors that are Counselor Certified offer this session around the country. Mr. Sanders offers it for seekers visiting Sedona.

If there is no Instructor in your area, Free Soul's Self-Study Materials are excellent, particularly our Original (Psychic & Guides Info.) DVD Sedona Soul & ESP Discoveries. You Are Psychic! contains only 25-30% of Mr. Sanders Comprehensive 10-Lesson Dynamics of Being a Free Soul Course. The Sedona Soul and ESP Discoveries video allows you to see and learn from Mr. Sanders in the privacy of your own home (NOTE the Discounts when purchased with the NEW "Science for Living AS a Soul" 2 DVDs Set. His newer book, Access Your Brain's Joy Center, teaches you a rapid method for self-triggering natural mood-elevation and countering the parts of the brain that keep you from living "as a Soul." Some of the previously held Advanced Workshops are also available on audio tape (see the Free Soul Bookstore).

Instructor Training is personally taught in Sedona by Free Soul Founder, Pete A. Sanders Jr. during the the Winter and Summer Retreats. Associate Instructors teach Free Soul's three 5-hour Workshops. Comprehensive Instructors are certified to teach those three Workshops and the 10-Lesson Dynamics of Being a Free Soul Course. Training Dates are found in the Instructor Training menus.

Recently, Mr. Sanders was invited back to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.) to train Faculty, Students and Staff in his mind/body discoveries for stress reduction, natural mood-elevation, and the science of Soul. For information on those programs and how you can get the same training for your business or learning institution see Business/Colleges Training.

Mr. Sanders PTSD Relief Training. As a Vet himself (former Top Secret Cleared Naval Officer during the Post-Vietnam Cold War Era), Mr. Sanders has adapted some of his Mind/Body Discoveries for helping Vets, Active Duty Military and their families deal with their unique traumas and stresses.

 Free Soul and its Founder, Pete A. Sanders Jr., are proud signatories of the Seek Safely Promise and supporters of the efforts of

Free Soul is a fully registered 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt** NonProfit Public Education Program founded in 1980 in Sedona, Arizona by M.I.T. Honors Graduate, Pete A. Sanders Jr. Your donations can help us to reach seekers around the world with practical training in how they can be their own best spiritual teachers. 

**Donations are FULLY Tax-deductible (click on Donations bar in upper right above).

Friday, February 28, 2003


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