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Friday, October 23, 2015
Give Yourself a SpAhh Day

Renewal and Cherishing is as important as Challenge. Give Yourself a SpAhh Day (a spiritual ahh! renewal). Remember to CHERISH yourself and Life. In sincerely seeking to improve, it is easy to spent too much time being self-critical (did not doing that well enough, I should be doing better or more, etc.). Just as much as being challenged, YOUR Spirit needs to be appreciated (valued, encouraged, and unconditionally loved) by YOU. Set aside time to do that.
- Pick something that you truly value and admire in yourself and bask in feeling good about yourself for it.
- Remember ALL you HAVE learned and cherish the beauty of life's learning opportunities
- Give yourself the praise and unconditional love that we ALL deserve (especially from ourselves)
- Think about what NEW adventures would be exciting/enriching for you.

Remember to always Soul-shift first (for getting out of that critical Limbic Brain level).
If will help you more quickly get into the vibration of valuing/cherishing/loving yourself. 

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Sunday, October 4, 2015
The Psychic Senses Are the Senses of the Soul

Go BEYOND exploring the Psychic Senses to using YOUR Soul Senses. The physical senses help you navigate in the 3-D Universe. The Psychic Senses ARE the Senses of the Soul and can be your Gateway to FULLY seeing/feeling/understanding and knowing your Soul Purposes. Just focusing in phenomena keeps you using the psychic senses from a limbic brain/ego/fear of harm level. Remember to Soul-shift, (Chapter 8 of You Are Psychic! by Pete Sanders) then scan on a Soul Level and you sense ahead for learning/integration and wisdom/serenity. For even deeper skills/techniques get the Advanced Soul Infusion 3-CD set from (upper left menus).

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Friday, October 2, 2015
Cherish Wilderness

Cherish living amidst wilderness. Nature is an essential nutrient for the human spirit. Endeavor to get regular doses. If you live in Sedona value our blessed interconnection with the land. For others, find places near you and/or know you are ALWAYS welcome to visit Sedona and get the extra recharge of the Vortexes (more in Scientific Vortex Information book and/or DVD)

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Tuesday, September 22, 2015
Being a Life-Long Learner

Being a Life-Long Learner is more than taking classes and "Being Taught." Nurture your ability to "Be Learning" thru your Inner Quest. Also never be discouraged by "not knowing" (yet). Remember the Questions ARE as important as "the answers." The KEY is identifying Quest-ions (-ions = what are you missing, want to know more about / +ions what do you have excess of, need to share, teach, or give away, or release [old hurts, etc.]). 
You ARE ALWAYS welcome in Sedona, BUT know also that a Vision Quest does NOT have to involve travel. To insure that your Walkabout is a Wonder about, not just a Wander about, identify your CURRENT Quest-ions.

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Additional Inner Technology Tips

You can also get regular spiritual self-teaching tips and insights shared by Free Soul, Founder, Pete A. Sanders Jr. by going to Facebook and liking the Free Soul Page ( Currently the latest/best material for advancing your Soul/Psychic skill is the NEW 2-DVD Set. "Science for Living AS a Soul"

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