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Pete A. Sanders Jr. is an Honors Graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology with principal studies in Bio-Medical Chemistry and Brain Science. Accepted to attend Harvard Medical School, he chose instead to pursue independent research in mind/body potentials.

In 1980, after traveling the world for five years field testing his techniques, he founded the Free Soul NonProfit Mind/Body Education in Sedona, Arizona. He is consider the leading expert on Sedona's famous Vortex Meditation Sites. Every Monday 1-2:30 p.m. he presents Scientific Vortex Information ($15/person) at the Los Abrigados Resort (160 Portal Lane, Sedona, AZ 86336)(Call (928) 203-5353 to reserve your place). Scientific Vortex Information is available as a book, e-book or DVD. Mr. Sanders also does Advanced Training Tours in selected Vortex sites for those who attend the Monday program or have the book or DVD.

In the first two decades of his research and teaching Mr. Sanders focused on brain science breakthroughs for tapping the unlimitedness of the human potential.  These included mind/body healing skills, keys for cardiovascular stress reduction, energy blending for greater oneness with the Soul and beyond, and how to access the body's Psychic Reception Areas.  These discoveries are all contained in his first book, You Are Psychic! and taught even more comprehensively in his Dynamics of Being a Free Soul course (available from Free Soul either through instructors, as CDs, or as a textbook).

 In the late 1980's, mid-life pressures lead Pete to search for brain science keys for relieving the limitations on happiness caused by emotional stresses. The discovery of how to directly stimulate the brain's joy center was the result. Those discoveries are in Access Your Brain's Joy Center (book or e-book). Recently he has also be getting those discoveries to help Vets with PTSD Relief (see link on Home Page).

Free Soul has decades of training materials for seekers wanting to learn more about being their own teachers. The NEW 2-DVD set Science for Living AS a Soul contains the best best of Mr. Sanders most recent Discoveries.




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