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Stress Reduction Wksp.

Business & Colleges Training

As presented at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Have "the Best"
Working and Learning Environment
"Inner Technology" ®
Enhanced Retention
Improved Creative Thinking
Lower Stress, Higher Quality of Life

Help Your People:

Employees/Students - Less worry and test anxiety
(Anxiety inhibits performance / Worry degrades learning)

Management/Faculty - Enhanced creative thinking ability
(Keys for tapping what Einstein called, "The Universal Unconscious")

Staff & the Budget - Less stress related health issues and absences
(Managing stress increases resistance to disease and decreases substance abuse)

For Everyone at Your Institution - Greater fulfillment and less frustration
(Mind/Body keys for going from merely surviving to thriving; in work, in studies, in life)

Training Packages Available For:
Employee and/or Student Groups
Human Resources Personnel
Key Staff and/or Faculty
To Schedule Training or for more information: Call (928) 282-9425 
(or e-mail using the Contact Us tab on the Menu at the top of the page)

"Inner Technology" ® Training includes instruction in:

Stress Reduction:  Lowering Blood Pressure - Breath Control Relaxation Technique ©
based on work of Dr. Herbert Benson (Harvard Medical School)
ref.: The Relaxation Response

Mood Elevation:  Accessing Your Brain¹s Calm Center - Joy Touch Technique ©
based on the work of Dr. Robert Heath (Dean of Tulane Medical School)
ref.: The Role of Pleasure in Behavior

Enhanced Awareness:  Tapping Dimensions Beyond - The Soul-Shift Technique ©
based on Superstrings Physics - ref.:  Elegant Universe & The Fabric of the Cosmos
by Dr. Brian Greene (Columbia University) (Harvard & Oxford)

As Presented at MIT by Pete A. Sanders Jr. - 30 yr. Mind/Body Specialist

To Schedule Training or for more information: Call (928) 282-9425 
(or e-mail using the Contact Us tab on the Menu at the top of the page)

Sample Comments from the MIT Presentations 

- Very beneficial. Particularly liked the the speed and simplicity of the methods taught.
(Plasma Science and Fusion Center Researcher)

- Practical and easy to learn techniques that can be used anywhere and anytime.
(MIT Center for Health & Wellness)

- Finally something quick and easy I can use in everyday life.
(Staff - Office of Leadership)

- This will help me so much with the stresses of studying.
(Undergraduate and Athlete)

- MIT should offer more workshops like this. The ideas were clear, fast, & easy to apply
(Graduate Student)

Be more than the best, Quantitatively
Also be the best, Qualitatively
(and at same time improve performance, retention, and creativity)

    Your intense and competitive business or institution deserves training to counter the negative effects of that pressure. Creativity and excellence are best fostered in an climate of enjoyment, as well as one of challenge. There is no doubt that your environment provides the challenge. The question is, "Are the stress levels robbing your community of its maximum potential, both quantitatively and qualitatively?"

    Stress and anxiety not only degrade health and happiness, they also lower performance. It is not enough to just want to have a conducive working or learning environment. It is essential to give your greatest resource, your people, the mind/body skills to make that hope a reality.

    Pete Sanders' "Inner Technology" ®  training gives participants specific mind/body methods to counter the negative effects of stress and anxiety. The techniques are rapid, effective, and easy to learn. Furthermore, they provide a healthy, brain science based alternative to the side effects generated by the usual coping mechanisms.

    Abuses of alcohol, nicotine, drugs, and overeating are serious problems that no institution or business is exempt from. All too often excessive drinking, smoking, or eating are the prevalent responses to stress. Give the your community the skills for a better way.

To Schedule Training or for more information: Call (928) 282-9425 
(or e-mail using the Contact Us tab on the Menu at the top of the page)
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