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Vortex Tours

Scientific Vortex
Tours & Talks

by Pete A. Sanders Jr.

 M.I.T. Honors Graduate in
BioMedical Chemistry and Brain Science

Mr. Sanders conducts Major National Retreats in Sedona twice a year (in February and July). These offer the best and most complete instruction about tapping Sedona's vortexes for enhanced meditation and spiritual skills. For seekers who can not be in Sedona during those months he offers three additional vortex training options. (To see a Brief Video of Mr. Sanders explaining Vortexes click - YouTube Sedona)

 Vortex Tours
(Two and one half to three hours, $75/person [Couples $125 if with other participants]) (Available Year Round)
If at all possible attend the EVERY Monday or Friday Vortex Lecture or purchase the Scientific Vortex Information DVD and/or Book first)

This option features three facets:

    • * How to identify each of the different types of vortexes
      * What spiritual Skills are enhanced in various sites
      * Keys to tapping the deeper dimensions of the Soul and enhanced mind/body healing abilities.
      (Plus how to remote tap sites and keys for practical & positive Past-Life Memory)


Travel to two of Sedona's vortex areas. All of the Vortexes and related inspirational areas are located on the Cocomino National Forest (or reachable by travel through it) and commercial access to them is controlled by the Forest Service. Mr. Sanders is a fully permitted Hiking Guide. As such he can lead tour participants (in their own vehicles) to designated parking places and hike with them to selected meditation sites.
Guided Reflections in enhanced energy locations. Participants will be instructed in how to best tap the two locations for the contemplation, problem solving, or spiritual skills that they are most interested in.

                                       FULLY PERMITTED AND INSURED

Two Person Minimum
Subject to Mr. Sanders availability

See also web page on NEW DVD & Full Color Edition of
Mr. Sanders' book,
Scientific Vortex Information

Location and DVD

Vortex Briefing for Groups
(60 minutes, $25/person, Available Year Round)

Groups coming to Sedona may prefer to have the less expensive option of a briefing that imparts the best of Mr. Sander's discoveries and instruction but allows them to visit the vortexes on their own. The program provides all of the same instruction outlined above for tours with the advantage of allowing the group to visit sites at their own pace and on their own schedule. In addition, the following is also covered:

How to find vortexes wherever you travel.
How to tap lateral vortexes for future and past scanning.
Keys for making LIFE a spiritual retreat.

This program is ideal for convention groups wanting an interesting program about Sedona or for spiritual groups wanting to include Mr. Sanders' unique perspective and training as a part of their Sedona programs. Mr. Sanders has presented this program to groups as large as 300 people, ranging in interests from the Church of Religious Science Annual Convention to the American Academy of Psychotherapists Regional Conference.

Four Person Minimum - Subject to Mr. Sanders availability
Discounts Available For Large Groups

Mini-Retreats or Extra Sessions
(Prices Vary, Available Mar. through May and Aug. through Jan)

For groups coming to Sedona wanting more in depth training, a variety of options are available. Sessions ranging from the basic tour package and briefing described above to a Comprehensive 4-Day Vortex Retreat can be designed. A sample of additional programs that can be presented are:

1. How to Self-Trigger the Brain's Natural Mood Elevation Mechanisms to Feel Better Fast without Alcohol, Nicotine, Drugs or Overeating
2. In Depth Mind/Body Self-Healing Skills
3. Understanding and Living Your Life Purpose
4. Feeling and Communicating with Your Guardian Angels
5. Keys for Positive Past-Life Memory

Prices vary depending on the number of programs presented and group size. For smaller groups a good guide is $10/person/hour of presentation.

Five Person & 2-Hour Minimum
Subject to Mr. Sanders availability
Discounts Avail. For Large Groups

For More Information or to Schedule
call Free Soul National Headquarters in Sedona
(928) 282-9425


Extra Rotating Videos about Sedona Vortexes - Click Here

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