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Advanced Soul Infusion

"Advanced Soul Infusion" New CDs
Free Soul's 25th Anniversary Soul Purposes Retreat


You may also order the CD's online.


For those of you that have read You Are Psychic! and Access Your Brain’s Joy Center, you now can have direct training from Free Soul Founder, Pete A. Sanders Jr. for learning:

Soul Infusion
-How to be FULLY Soul connected without being spacy or ungrounded
-Discovery for RAPIDLY tapping Soul awareness & skills ANY TIME
 (eyes open, moving, even when immersed in life’s biggest challenges, etc.)
-Receiving even more powerful and longer lasting mood-elevation

Advanced Soul Infusion
-Makes Psychic Scanning quicker and easier
(combines Soul sensing with the Psychic Reception Areas discovery)
-Provides a method for accessing levels of your Guides and their Past-Lives
-Gives you NEW Methods and Options for Advanced Self-Healing

New Advanced Soul Infusion CDs (Soul Infusion + 5 Retreats of Advanced Skills)
    We have just completed the transfer to CD format of the live recording of Free Soul’s 25th Anniversary Retreat that contains NOT ONLY Basic Instruction in the new Soul Infusion technique, BUT ALSO the MOST COMPLETE compilation of Adaptations of Soul Infusion for Advanced Psychic Sensing, Advanced Self-Healing, Advanced Past-Life Memory, Advanced Soul Esteem, and Advanced Access to information about/from Your Spirit Guides.
The three CD set is $75 (add $5 for Priority mail shipping) and can be ordered either by sending a check to Free Soul, P.O. Box 1762, Sedona, AZ 86339, or using a credit card thru the www.freesoul.net web site. (click on add to Cart above $5 for Priority is included)

In addition to teaching the specifics of the advanced skills listed above the Retreat was designed as method for identifying Your Soul Purposes; what current Life Purpose issues are at the forefront of your Soul Growth; how to go beyond just surviving to thriving spiritually and truly completing Your Soul Destiny.

After Mr. Sanders discovered the Soul Infusion technique, he used five successive Sedona Free Soul Retreats to teach advanced adaptations of Soul Infusion for each of the various categories of Soul skills (psychic sensing, self-healing, past-life memory, Spirit Guides access, self-esteem, channeling energy to others, etc.). For Free Soul’s 25th Anniversary Sedona Summer Retreat, all of those developments were refined and combined into an intensive/comprehensive weekend program. In addition to teach the Advanced Soul Infusion skills, the techniques were woven together into a Life Purpose Retreat.

The “Dynamics of Being a Free Soul” 10-Lesson Course CDs are the best way for making your core psychic, Soul, and spiritual skills automatic. The Advanced Soul Infusion CDs give you the gateway to learning Free Soul’s Advanced Sedona discoveries and a METHOD for living those advanced skills and FULLY understanding your SOUL PURPOSES as you go through life.

Plus Advanced Soul Infusion is now the Foundation for even deeper discoveries & skills

Disk 1
1.Introduction & Soul Purposes Theme for the Retreat
2. Sensing your Current Life Purposes (with Soul-shift)
3. BiLevel Awareness & Sensing Current Lessons
4. The Free Soul Triangle Understanding
5.Concepts of Basic Soul Infusion
6. Advanced Guides Access

Disk 2
1. (continued) Spirit Guides Information & Infusion for Guide Sensing
2. Soul Infusion for Advanced Psychic Sensing Skills
3. Sensing your Soul Nobilities for Protection
4. Soul Infusion for Scanning Others
5. Clearing Psychic Blockages
6. Soul Infusion for Healing

Disk 3
1. Soul Infusion for Advanced Soul-Esteem
2. Infusion for Advanced Past-Life Memory
3. Looping to Mastery Lifetime Memories
4. Looping to Guides Lifetimes Insights
5. Infusion for Soul-Esteem Completers
6. Looping to your Future & Variations
7. Additional Training Options



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