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Awaken Your Intuition

Additional DVD Options of Free Soul Material

Awaken Your Intuition - (3 DVD Set) $49.95 + $5 S&H.

Awaken Your Intuition Combinations
Awaken Your Intuition International


Key Free Soul Techniques described and led by Senior Free Soul Instructor, Kathy Rose

Kathy Rose has been a Free Soul Certified Instructor and Counselor since 1983. She has served at times on Free Soul's Board of Directors and is the Free Soul Coordinator for Virginia Beach, VA. Ms. Rose is also the Co-Creator (with Mr. Sanders) of the the Free Soul Reflections book.

                                                                         ** NOTE **
(This is NOT the Full 10-Lesson, "Dynamics of Being Free Soul" Couse, but if you need/prefer visual instruction, it is a way to experience many of the Key Techniques from the Psychic, Soul, Cleansing, and Healng Sections of the Course in a DVD format).

                                                             ** COMBINATION DISCOUNTS **

These DVDs can be paired (AT A $10 DISCOUNT - We pay shipping) with the "Dynamics of Being a Free Soul" Textbook.
This would give you the FULL written Version of the Course (by Mr. Sanders) AND a visual presentation of some of the techniques by Ms. Rose.

ADDITIONAL DISCOUNTS are available for purchasing the Textbook, 24 CDs by Mr. Sanders, and 3DVDs by Ms. Rose = FULL Set (Free Soul pays the $15 Shipping PLUS and additional $11 discount off the materials / Total Savings $26).

                                                            **  INTERNATIONAL ORDERS **
For orders outside the United States, please use the International Orders Shopping Cart Option/Tab. The extra cost of International shipping is built into the prices.

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