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Audio Tape: Discover "Inner Technology" $15.00  
(You DO NOT need this tape if you have read You Are Psychic! or have the Soul & ESP DVD or Video)

Imagine being able to easily access a new dimension of human potential. Imagine learning how to change your life in minutes not months. Imagine the experience of accelerating your success, happiness, and command of your destiny. All of this is yours if you are willing to pioneer the discovery of your "Inner Technology".



    Book: YOU ARE PSYCHIC! - The Free Soul Method

"You Are Psychic! towers like a basketball player in a jockey convention over most of the how-to psychic guides" - MEDITATION

"In this brilliant work Pete Sanders clearly and skillfully charts a safe course for adventurous souls to explore new frontiers of human potential in their inner quest for personal and spiritual growth" 

Edward E. Winchester, President, Pentagon Meditation Club

     PURCHASE this either 1. thru your local bookstore, 2. as a E-book, or 3. as an audible book thru www.audiblebooks.com



Print & CDs: Option - Textbook & 24 CDs - 10-Lesson Course


Print Option: Textbook Version of the 10-Lesson Course


ALL CD'S; Full 24 CD version of the 10-LessoAn Course


CDs Part 1 Only (12 CDs) - Lessons 1-5 of Course plus Introductory Lecture


CDs Part 2 Only (12 CDs) - Lessons 6-10 of Course plus Summary Section



 Click Here for the Digital Download $19.95 (50 minutes) 
filmed in the Vortexes plus aerial  Scenes

 Scientific Vortex Information

  by Pete A. Sanders Jr.

  An M.I.T.-Trained Scientist's Program 

  How to Easily Understand, Find, and Tap Vortex Energy

  in Sedona and Wherever You Travel!  

Location and DVD

2 DVD Set Containing The Best of 30 Years of Sedona Discoveries

New Science for “LivingAS a Soul”  DVDs

11 Specific Keys for Tapping Your FULL Soul Potential
How to Tap New Energies for Greater Vitality and Wisdom
Accelerated Learning Methods and Insights for Greater Happiness

 plus Secrets for "Soul Esteem"

a Deep Inner Contentment and Wisdom during ALL of Life


Get the latest Sedona Discoveries WITHOUT the Travel Expense and

Learn How to “Be” a Vortex

The Combination Option consists of the Science for Living AS a Soul 2DVDs and Mr. Sanders original Psychic & Guides DVD (Sedona Soul and ESP Discoveries)


   Original DVD: Sedona Soul & ESP Discoveries 

This video features Free Soul's founder, Pete Sanders, with techniques from You Are Psychic! and The Dynamics of Being A Free Soul Ten Lesson Course, mixed with opening and closing footage of Sedona. A partial description of the Sedona Vortex phenomena is included. The video provides a visual inspirational alternative that is suitable for sharing with friends and family.


Specifically, the 66 minute video contains Mr. Sanders sharing with seekers on:

- a scientific explanation of ESP, the Soul, and Spirit Guides

- the four Psychic Senses and

- the brain's Psychic Reception Areas

- mind/body secrets for rapid stress-reduction and lower blood pressure

plus techniques for: Tapping the Soul and beyond and Scanning psychically three ways

The Combination Option consists of the Soul and ESP Discoveries DVD and the NEW Science for Living AS a Soul 2DVDs Set



   Book OR Book & CD+DVD Option:  Access Your Brain's Joy Center

Access Your Brain's Joy Center s about Feeling Better Fast
without Alcohol, Nicotine, Drugs, or Overeating.


Containing specific adaptations for:
enhanced sexual response
help with quitting smoking
reduced alcohol or drug abuse
controlling weight and overeating
pain control, irritability, relieving PMS
tapping a greater sense of spiritual onesness
How to clear any worry, hurt, anger, or fear


This book is also excellent if tension and overtrying are preventing you from doing the spiritual exercises to your complete satisfaction (or if life stresses are eroding your happiness).

THE COMBINATION OPTION includes Book + CD of iPhone App of the Discovery
(with a track of Mr. Sanders guiding you through triggering thebrain's Natural Mood Elevation mechanism)
PLUS the NEW DVD Mind/Body Discoveries for Stress Reduction, Mood Elevation, and PTSD Relief - Mr. Sanders
teaching the technique to Vets, Active Military and their Families.


Booklet: Free Soul Reflections Booklet

The Free Soul Reflections book is a journalizing tool. Kathy Rose, one of Free Soul's Senior Instructors gathered 52 key quotes and concepts (one for each week of the year) from 15 years of Mr. Sanders' Advanced Workshops. Opposite each quote is a framed page that allows you to journal your own reflections on the topics as part of a daily or weekly meditation. In that way you eventually have a book of your own (and YOUR Guides) wisdoms.




Your Spirit Guides & Soul Purposes (Single CD & Materials) (Rated ****)(see below)

This is the ONLY Self-Study Material available from Mr. Sanders and Free Soul for how to learn more about your Spirit Guides (Guardian Angels). It contains BOTH new and advanced information and techniques from the Special 2010 Sedona Retreat Mr Sanders presented on Spirit Guides. Additionally included is instruction in Basic Soul Infusion and keys for fully sensing your true Soul Purposes. CAN be done BEFORE the Comprehensive 10-Lesson "Dynamics of Being a Free Soul Course"


($75 for ADVANCED SOUL INFUSION CDs - Free Soul's 25th ANNIVERSARY Retreat)

(Recommendation Level * to ****  Most Recommended = ****)

These are live recordings of Pete A. Sanders Jr.'s most popular Advanced Programs (that may not be readily available in your area).  Content, not packaging or studio quality is the focus of these tapes.

Positive Past Life Memory (***) 2-Tapes

This 2- cassette workshop shares skills for how to be your own best past-life therapist. Featured are methods for easily and safely retrieving past-life memory and how to clear past-life soul bruises with a minimum of trauma. Also included are techniques for bringing back memories and wisdom from your mastery past lives that can help you with current difficulties.



Spirituality, Sexuality, and Relationships (*) 2-Tapes

This 2- cassette workshop features techniques for improving all of your relationships. Also included are Soul-touch skills for closeness beyond physical intimacy and how. with your Spirit Guides, to tap the power of the medicine wheel to self-solve any relationship issues.



New Methods for Accelerated Learning and Evolution (****) 2-Tapes

This 2- cassette workshop shows you how to utilize the latest in education and brain science for stimulating maximum learning and retention in all facets of your life.  Featured are the elements of a brain and Soul compatible learning environment, how to tap your seven intelligences, and the secrets of the megaskills that can enhance all endeavors.


Advanced Soul Infusion CDs (Free Soul's 25th Anniversary Sedona Summer Retreat ) (****) 3-CDs

This three CD Package is a "live" recording of the Free Soul 25th Anniversary Retreat. The tapes teach Basic and Advanced Soul Infusion skills from five Free Soul Sedona Retreats for tapping even deeper Past-Life Memory, Self-Healing, Psychic Sensing, Guides Communication, Soul Esteem, and Life Purpose Skills. This program could be described as containing all the Advanced Abilities made possible thru Soul Infusion woven into a journey for Life and Soul Purpose Discovery. These CDs are THE ONLY Self-Study Materials that teach the breakthrough Soul Infusion technique. ALSO available immediately


21st Century Soul Workshop (*) 2-Tapes

Mr. Sanders' program designed to help seekers prepare for living more as a Soul in the 3rd Millenium. Two 90-minute cassettes with techniques for identifying and developing the psychic and spiritual skills essential for your Soul's future path. 



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