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Science for Living As a Soul Training

The Series of One-on-One or Workshop Sessions available from Instructors

    As part of Free Soul's 30th Anniversary, Founder, Pete A. Sanders Jr., designed a Series of Trainings that bring you THE BEST of his Discoveries and Free Soul's Sedona Retreats PLUS the NEW TECHNIQUES featured in the "Science for Living AS a Soul" 2-DVD Set. Free Soul's Local Instructors can either present them as a Workshop Series for your Group or as Personalized One-on-One Sessions for you.

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Available Are:

Session 1 - Discover Your Inner Technology / Science for Tapping the Soul (& Stress Reduction)

Session 2 - Access Your Brain's Joy Center for Rapid Natural Mood Elevation

Session 3 - Soul Infusion & Keys for Serenity in ALL of Life's Ups & Downs

Session 4 - Quantum Connectivity & Tapping Your Inner Soul Crystal

Session 5 - Keys for Healing Cracks and Bruises in Your Inner Soul Crystal

Session 6 - Accessing/Tapping the Universal Expansive Energy

Session 7 - Infinite Soul Connection & Enhanced Life/Soul Purpose

Session 8 - Creating Your Soul Quest & InJoy, AndJoy, & ENjoy Life

Also Available:

Advanced Mind/Body Self- Healing Techniques

Techniques for Feeling Your Guides and Learning More About Them

Rapid Methods for Boosting Self-Esteem, and Clearing ALL Hurts, Worries, Angers or Fears

Easy Access to Universal Oneness and Your Higher Senses


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