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Joy Center Book

Freedom from Distress!

Learn to Self-Trigger the Brain's
Natural Mood-Elevation Mechanisms

(expanded edition  224 pgs.  19 illustrations.) 

   With Additional Chapters on:

- How to Clear EVERY type of Worry, Hurt, Anger, or Fear
- Pain Control, Countering Nicotine, Alcohol, of Drug Dependency
- Success without the Achievement Addiction
- Mind/Body Methods for Weight Management
- Enhancing the Love in Your Life  
- Reference Guides for every key tip

Access Your Brain's Joy Center
is about Feeling Better Fast
without Alcohol, Nicotine, Drugs, or Overeating.

Containing specific adaptations for:
enhanced sexual response
help with quitting smoking
reduced alcohol or drug abuse
controlling weight and overeating
pain control, irritability, relieving PMS
tapping a greater sense of spiritual onesness
How to clear any worry, hurt, anger, or fear

This book is also excellent if tension and overtrying are preventing you from doing the spiritual exercises to your complete satisfaction (or if life stresses are eroding your happiness).

THE COMBINATION OPTION includes Book + CD of iPhone App of the Discovery
(with a Track of Mr. Sanders guiding you through triggering the brain's Natural Mood Elelvation mechanism)
PLUS the NEW DVD Mind/Body Discoveries for Stress Reduction, Mood Elevation & PTSD Relief - Mr. Sanders
teaching the technique for Vets, Active Military and their Families.



The FULL book is also available in the following Foreign Language Editions
through bookstores in those countries:

In German
in Germany by Windpferd Publishing
ISBN 978-3-89385-568-1
Title: Joy Touch Das Gluckszentrum im Gehirn aktivieren 

In Dutch
in The Netherlands by Akasha Publishing
ISBN 978 94 6015 003 6
Title: Ontdek het gelukscentrum in je hersenen
Gebruik de Joy Touch voor meer vreugde, vertrouwen en evenwicht in elke situatie

In Czech
in the Czech Republic by Fontana
Title: Revolucní Dotyková terapie Joy Touch
ISBN 978-80-7336-578-3

In Italian
in Italy by Edizioni Mediterranee in Rome 
Title: Scopri Il Tuo Punto Buonumore 

ISBN 978-88-272-2158-7

Vets & Active Military - For Help with PTSD Relief - click here

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