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Soul and ESP DVD

See, Hear, & Learn directly from Free Soul Founder, Pete A. Sanders Jr.

This video workshop features M.I.T. Honors Graduate, Pete A. Sanders Jr., teaching techniques from You Are Psychic! and The Dynamics of Being A Free Soul Ten Lesson Course, plus two others not contained in Free Soul's books: an advanced tri-scanning ESP technique and one for helping you feel the pressence of your Spirit Guides. It is mixed with opening and closing footage of Sedona, and a partial description of the Sedona Vortex phenomena is included (For full Sedona Vortex information order Scientific Vortex Information). This DVD provides a visual inspirational alternative that is suitable for sharing with friends and family.

Specifically, the 67 minute workshop contains Mr. Sanders sharing with seekers on:


- A Scientific Explanation of:
the Soul,
Spirit Guides,
the four Psychic Senses and
the brain's Psychic Reception Areas, plus
mind/body secrets for rapid stress-reduction and lowering blood pressure.

plus techniques for:

Tapping the Soul and beyond

 Scanning psychically three ways

                                           Proving the existence of your Spirit Guides

A picture of the front and back of the DVD can be seen by clicking here.

The combination consists of the Soul and ESP Discoveries DVD and the NEW Science for Living AS a Soul 2DVDs Set

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