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Free Soul Circles Tips & Techniques

The Below Are Suggestions of Free Soul Perspectives/Techniques to Emphasize in Your Free Soul Circle

Recommended Focus/Techniques for YOUR Free Soul Circle

#1 The KEY FOCUS should always be: What is the Soul Perspective on this issue.
Remember, the best way to stay in that perspective is to use the Soul-shift Technique by:either:

- briefly closing your eyes and Soul shifting BEFORE you share (Click here to see/learn Soul-shift technique) 
- BiLevel Soul Awareness AS you share
- using Soul Infusion AS you share

NOTE: To FULLY UNDERSTAND & LEARN the Techniques referenced above - The Soul-shift Technique is in You Are Psychic! pages 198-202 (in ALL Free Soul books, CDs, and DVDs). BiLevel Soul-shifting is covered in Lessons 5-7 of The Dynamics of Being a Free Soul - 10 Lesson Course (Textbook, CDs, or Discounted Text+CDs Option). Soul Infusion is taught in the Science for Lving AS a Soul 2-DVD Set  (Track #4) - all of above available from (To Place Your Order Menu).


#2 When Life's Stresses interfere
with your ability to do the Soul-shift technique or maintain a BiLevel Awareness or Soul Infusion perspective - Use the technique described in Chapter 1 of Mr. Sanders' second book Access Your Brain's Joy Center (the Joy Touch) for naturally self-triggering mood-elevation fibers in the brain, for Feeling Better Fast, without alcohol, nicotine, drugs, or overeating (or get the Book + CD + DVD discounted option available ONLY thru [To Place Your Order Menu]).

#3 A Circle with YOU GUIDES
can be done, on your own, by using Soul Infusion looping to connect with your Guides. Shift the Soul Infusion loop higher up to bring in information from your Guides perspective. Let them share their wisdom on the challenges you are facing, as well as new techniques/methods you can use in the weeks ahead to better work through them "AS a Soul." You can also let them be participants in the Circle. Let share their lifetimes of explorations/experiences/challenges (as examples for you). A fascinating additional option is to sense what they are currently exploring and what challenges they are facing (especially in trying to be a Guide to you). (Soul Infusion is taught in the Science for Lving AS a Soul 2-DVD Set  (Track #4) - available from [To Place Your Order Menu]).


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