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 "Why, When, and How to Consult a Spiritual Intuitive"
by Kathy Rose
Free Soul Virginia Beach Coordinator (Instructor & Counselor)
(featured in You Are Psychic! pages 120-121 under her maiden name Kathy Neal)

    Within all of us is the power to connect with the Universal Intelligence. Through our intuitive Soul Senses we have the ability to communicate with the unlimited knowledge, love and wisdom from the higher planes. It is important to understand this - we ALL have this ability! It is not just given to a few lucky souls who then get to have "special" spiritual status. 

    Most people have lost their link with these intuitive senses. The pounding of programming we receive on the earth plane tells us that we are limited to the things that science can "prove". We are told that science can not yet measure or explain intuition, so we then start to discount our hunches and instincts and a downward spiral of self-limitation begins. 

    At some stage in our spiritual evolution we start to challenge the programming that triggers limitation and we begin our search for the connection to our intuitive senses. We seek a way to get advice, information and counseling from the Universe, and we are particularly interested in accessing it when we need it -- "on command" -- instead of just receiving random, occasional flashes of insight. 

    The easy way is to go to psychics, astrologers, channels and fortune tellers for this information. But this approach is tricky -- it is many times laced with the energy of spiritual entertainment and phenomenon. Out of fear, we seek for predictions and are ready to hand over our free will and inner authority to another person and accept that our future is preordained. Sometimes it just seems easier to go to someone who will tell you (in no uncertain terms) what to do - and who will describe what exactly will happen and when. But it's only a short-term fix and there is a great risk of becoming addicted to "feeling better" because think we know what's in our future. A temporary feeling of security follows, but it is easily shattered when new challenges appear. More predictions are sought and a vicious cycle begins. 

    Free Soul's approach and materials are designed to help you, not only develop your own intuititive senses, but also access them practically, rapidly, and "at will." That way you do have the ability to get information, when you need it, rather than just randomly.

    If and when you feel you need to consult people who are intuitively connected, how do you seek help and still retain your spiritual integrity? The first and most obvious way is to assess the practitioner's style. Pay attention to the language used ...... the session should leave you feeling like you are in charge of your reality and have choice. I once went to a very famous astrologer who flat out said "You will be divorced in a year!" Despite my efforts to tell him that I was having no problems at all in my marriage -- in fact, I was very happy -- he said my attempts to correct him were proof that I was not dealing with the obvious. Because I challenged his opinion and authority, there was something wrong with me. Beware of language that takes away your free will. Practitioners using those tactics are not coming from a spiritual place, they're coming from ego. A good astrological consultation should inform you of time frames of planetary activity with a full description of the type of energy you will be immersed in. It should prepare you for the type of growth you will have -- the type of learning the cycles will trigger. It should leave you better prepared to have success during that time period, with a sense of natural times to move forward and appropriate moments for reflection. This empowers you and respects your free will. 

    It is necessary to be mindful of your motives when seeking help from intuitive practitioners. Are you so confused and scared that you are looking for someone to make decisions for you? Are you handing over your own personal authority to them? Do you believe they were granted a special connection with the Divine that you do not have? Is there a panicked voice within you screaming, "Please, please, tell me what to do?" Does the practitioner eagerly step into the role of telling you what to do? Do they proclaim to have "special" status? 

    If you answer "yes" to any of these questions then you are on a slippery slope to the loss of spiritual integrity. The more desperate and fear-based your issue, the greater the chance of being attracted to someone who will gladly take your power and assume the role of spiritual authority and savior. Ultimately the goal is to be spiritually and intuitively self-sufficient -- to be aware of the Angels and Guides who will counsel you when you ask questions, or infuse you with love when you are lonely and in need of a boost; and to be able to know how to activate the intuitive senses and interpret the signals. When we trust that we can get direct answers and guidance from the Universe - we are free! This is when we remember that we are divine beings and we step into a whole new reality. This is when we reclaim our birthright of unlimitedness. 

    The quest for reconnection is a sacred journey. It takes courage and fortitude and confidence. Along the way, if you seek a consultation with a professional in the intuitive or astrological arts, approach it as an information-gathering session. Take the time to filter the information through your own feelings and intuition. Recognize that the practitioner may be talented and highly skilled, but it's still your life and you are in charge. When your attitude moves to a place of seeking wise counsel and advice instead of "answers" and "predictions", you gain insight and you can welcome the information gained from an intuitive practitioner. You will be wise in how you use the information you receive and you will know that ultimately you have the last word.

Kathy Rose

3288 Doncaster Rd.
Virginia Beach, VA 23452
757-340-5516 (office)


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