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Tips for Spiritual Leaders

Keys for Successful Spiritual Leadership

Tips for ALL Spiritual Instructors, Readers, & Healers
(under development - new material added each week)

Free Soul Founder, Pete A. Sanders Jr. believes that the spiritual discoveries he has made are in part attributable to his unique background (lifelong spiritual seeker and M.I.T. Honors Graduate with principal studies in BioMedical Chemistry and Brain Science), but also to his ALWAYS striving to uphold the highest ethical standards.

Below are guidelines that will help you have maximum spiritual satisaction and success as you provide you spiritual services to seekers:

#1 Honor the sacredness of your profression; that you are more than just a subject instructor.
- That in guiding a seeker in their spiritual growth you have a responsibility to protect/safeguard their spirit.
- That you have a duty to maintain the highest ethical standards.
- That their safety, freedom, and well-being are the primary consideration.

#2 Remember you are just PART of the process (and NOT the most important part).
- The seeker/student is the most important part of the process.
- You are a conduit for the wisdom of Spirit, not the source of it yourself.
- You, the Seeker, and Spirit are all partners in that wonderful process of growth.

#3 With the exception of promotional talks and similar outreaches - Charge for your services.
- If you do not charge, people will pay you with devotion (and then neither of you are free).
- Remember you can NOT charge for spiritual information (ALL can get it from the Universe).
- You charge for your time (just like ALL people have to, to earn a living).
- BUT make your charges reasonable (in line with what ALL seekers can afford).

#4 Avoid the Ego Trap (allowing compliments to go to you head and create student/client dependency/devotion).
- Accept compliments and praise for your efforts, BUT use the compliment to ALSO praise the client/student.
(give them credit for being part of the process - success ALSO enhanced by THEIR openness/receptivity)
(let them know that they can only see/feel what they are complimenting you for because they ALSo have that within them)
- Encourage clients/students to also be exploring/developing their own abilities.

#5 Two of the Most Powerful Forces in Life are: Hope for Greater Joy/Love, and Hope for a Better Life.
- It is the responsibility of ALL Spiritual Teachers/Leaders to NEVER abuse/take advantage of those hopes.
- Help Seekers Self-channel  how to enhance those areas and Self-Create "Their Own" Inner Hope & Happiness.

#6 Allow Yourself to BE LEARNING (right along with your students/clients).
- The best teachers KNOW how much there is still to learn.
- Don't be afraid to say, "I do not know."
(just add - "Yet" or "But I will find out").

#7 Whatever the Potential Benefit, Resist Selling Out Your Integrity.
- No short term gain is worth it in the long run.
- Your Work IS MORE than a Business.
- Hold yourself to a HIGHER STANDARD of Ethics.
- If/when you do have failings in that area - Learn from it.
(be honest with others and yourself and identify what to do different next time)

#8 Give Yourself a SpAhh Day (a spiritual ahh! renewal). When you are discouraged, and doubting yourself. Remember to CHERISH yourself and Life. In sincerely seeking to improve, it is easy to spent too much time being self-critical (did not doing that well enough, I should be doing better or more, etc.). Just as much as being challenged, YOUR Spirit needs to be appreciated (valued, encouraged, and unconditionally loved) by YOU. Set aside time to do that.
- Pick something that you truly value and admire in yourself and bask in feeling good about yourself for it.
- Remember ALL you HAVE learned and cherish the beauty of life's learning opportunities
- Give yourself the praise and unconditional love that we ALL deserve (especially from ourselves)
- Think about what NEW adventures would be exciting/enriching for you.

Remember to always Soul-shift first (for getting out of that critical Limbic Brain level).
If will help you more quickly get into the vibration of valuing/cherishing/loving yourself.

#9 Help Seekers attain Serenity versus Success
- in current language success has come to mean PHYSICAL achievement (power, accomplishments, wealth)
(which like ALL things physical [the body, etc. even mountains] IS temporary)
- Serenity imparts SOUL growth and spiritual progress
Focus helping Seekers achieve INNER fulfillment, INNER Security and a Soul Sense of Purpose

#10 Remember ALWAYS - "It is NOT about YOU" (your success, your achievement, your wealth)
Keep your focus on helping the Seeker to SELF-GENERATE "Their Own" Breakthroughts
- so they are not dependent on just another external (you, your motivating inspiration)
- so they have a METHOD for continuing to Create "Their Own" Enlightenment (progress without needing you)

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