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Mind/Body, Psychic, & Spiritual Flu Protection

††† Free Soul Founder, Pete Sanders, felt the EXTRA PROTECTIONS contained in the below Summaries might be helpful to those of you that are concerned about the H1N1 Flu, because:
1.†††† the H1N1 Flu Virus is a new strain and,
2.†††† the vaccine may not be available in your area until well after flu starts up this year or,
3.†††† some may chose not to take the vaccine and want other options.
** (see bottom for options for assisting with the vaccination for those that get it) **

Mind/Body Immune System Boosting Keys
††† First, remember that it has been proven that how you feel about yourself directly boosts your killer T-cell (a primary immune system fighter) level. So, as part of your total health plan (mental, spiritual, and physical) include valuing and cherishing yourself for something each day.
††† If you are having trouble thinking of something to praise yourself for, use that as a trigger to do a kindness for someone in your life (give a compliment, offer a hand, etc.) and feel good about yourself for that effort.

††† Second, use Mind/Body techniques to specifically boost your immune system function. Allow yourself to be creative with this. Remember, Dr. David Feltzer of UCLA Medical School found that people who used abstract images did better with their visualization efforts and effects than medical students that were exactly trying to picture the tissue. The scientistís feel that is because abstract images more easily activate the subconscious mind. Those abstract images may also help you open portals to the extra dimensions explained by Superstrings Physics (open portals to healing energies from the beyond).
†††† Picture your immune system as being super active PacMan munchers eating up any foreign intruders, or imagine your lymph nodes as super efficient factories spitting out the antibodies you need for full protection. As a minimum, remember that the H1N1 virus, although new, does have some similarities to other flu viruses. Use that. Tell your immune system to recognize those similarities and rapidly respond with protection. Also Donít limit your visualization to just being visual (it can be a feeling, a knowing, or even auditory Ė tones/vibrations, etc.).

Psychic Protection Methods
†† Remember that you DO have the four Psychic Senses and trust your warning signals. If you intuitively sense that a location or individual poses the risk of infection, trust that premonition and take precautions (keep your distance, increase the spiritual protection methods below, wash hands after contact, etc.).

Spiritual Energy Protection Methods
††† If you feel you are in a risk environment, strengthen your aura. Feel, See, Know, or Understand the Energy Field around you strengthening and repelling virus penetration (either like a filter or being slippery like Teflon so virus particles canít stick to you / slip off). Surround yourself with an energy shield (like a spiritual version of a Hazmat suit).

Do a DAILY Health Mini-Meditation
†† At least once a day set aside the time to do all of the above. It doesnít have to take long. Even a two to five minute mini-meditation can start your day off more protected.

Mind/Body and Vaccination
†††† What Mr. Sanders has always done with mind/body methods and vaccinations (especially during his Naval Officer service overseas and the multiple vaccinations required by the military) is to set his mind (and body) for maximizing the positive effects of a vaccine and minimizing any negative side effects. He did that by picturing, feeling, and thinking of the vaccine as stimulating the bodyís natural immune response and antibody production. He focuses on sensing the vaccine triggering the antibody production needed to protect from the disease/virus in question (and helping to form a repellant shield within the body). At the same time he projects the thought through the body for it to be shielded also from any negative reaction to the injected virus components and/or the other ingredients of the vaccine. He does this both before and after receiving the vaccination AND particularly AS the vaccination is being administered (this also helps to distract you if shots and needles bother you).

††† All of the above mind/body, psychic and spiritual energy tips can still also be applied.

††† We hope these reminders have been helpful.


Free Soul Office Staff


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