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Mind Body for Knee Surgery

Knee Surgery Mind/Body Tips (also adaptable to ALL Surgical Procedures

    This page is designed to provide an example of how to weave Free Soul techniques and self-healing principles into an organized approach for mind/body practices that could be applied before, during, and after a surgical procedure. It is not designed to replace or contradict anything your individual doctor or surgeon may recommend for you.

     The text is taken from the examples that Free Soul Founder, Pete A. Sanders Jr., wrote up for a student that was to under go this specific type of surgery. Many of the examples provided are equally adaptable to other procedures.

Key Info./Facts for All of Below


#1    Dr. David Feltzer of UCLA Medical School did the pioneering work on Mind/Body Visualization. His key finding was that people who used abstract visualizations (picturing energy beams, or analogies, etc.) did better than the Medical Students that were trying to exactly picture the tissue they were trying to effect.
    The scientists feel that may be because abstract visualizations get into the subconscious mind easier. That is probably true, but it may also be that when you think abstractly, that you may also open portals to the extra dimensions (that superstrings physics says everything exists in) that may have healing energies beyond just mind/body effects. 

    So Bottom Line: Be creative and don’t limit the visualizations you use.


Also: Have different visualizations/options - You always do better when you have choice.


#2 Visualization isn’t necessarily just visual. Being high Audient you can send words/thoughts to the tissue or feel the areas being the way you want them to be (allow all options). If you are high Audient you can send words/thoughts to the tissue or feel the areas being the way you want them to be (or feelings, or knowings - allow all options) “Send energy for” or “tell the body to” I means use the whole combination or whatever options you prefer.


Pre-OP (Several Days Before Surgery)
1. Preset the body for being maximally ready for the surgery (rested/nourished/cleansed of toxins)
2. Send thoughts, words, or images to the tissue for being all of above  “          “              “     “    
(even if you can¹t get full sleep - tell the body it will be rested before surgery)
    (flow nutrients the knee/shin will need - to heal tight and faster - to that area - there in reserve)
3. Send energy for the area “allowing” the intrusion of the surgery
    (picture/feel tissue parting at incision points with minimal damage and then reknitting after)
4. Send energy for the moved ligament to “Belong” to fit in and attach strong and permanently


During Spinal
1. Tell the back muscles to FULLY relax to not deflect or throw off the needle insertion.
2. Tell the spinal fluid to take the numbing agents, but not increase pressure
    (stay normal pressure & consistency - to prevent head aches aftereffect)
3. Send energy for there being no micro- bleeding and for all being calm in the spinal cord
    (full numbing, but no adverse effects - use whatever abstract images you want)
    ( also picture/feel how you want to feel after surgery – no headaches - calm- spinal normal)


Immediate PreOp (For when enter hospital up to waiting for surgery to start)
    (stress effects increase damage & slow healing)
2. Do Joy Touch
3. Pulse calmness thru whole body (particularly the surgery area)
4. Tell the leg below tourniquet (below thigh) to fully infuse with blood
     (to get well nourished before its blood supply is reduced)
5. Can also do all of the above earlier PreOp procedures for variety and if get bored


During Surgery  (Have a routine of rotating thru the below to help time pass)
1. Thoughts to the area being operated on to allow the intrusion
2. Refrigeration thoughts to the leg below the tourniquet to reduce effects of low blood flow
    (cooling and turning down metabolic rate so cells need less oxygen and nutrients)
3. When areas cut (skin or ligaments) send energy for sealing off incisions
    (capillaries sealed off so less pain from minor blot clots later)
    (tissue sealing itself so that healing to normal takes less time later)
4. During drilling allow the intrusion in the bone. Think good (gripping) connection points
     (hole allowed but being coating with glue inside to hold ligament)
    (think of fibers coming out of bone to stag into/around ligament & anchors holding them firm)
5. All the time send energy for sealing off small cut nerve fibers
    (when axons are cut they leak for awhile - causing firing and post-op pain)
    (I picture/feel wrapping cut ends with electric tape or putting super glue there to seal leaks)


EVEN IF YOU CAN¹T FULLY SEE MONITOR OR IF PICTURE IS UNCLEAR TO YOU Picture/Feel the tissue being the way you want it to be Send the energy/effects you want to the area AS YOU SEE/FEEL IT INTERNALLY


Immediate Post-OP
1. Feel/see blood flow fully infusing all leg tissue
2. Particularly send energy to surgery areas for the nutrients and healing cells to fully flow there
3. Send anti-inflammatory/anti-swelling (icing) energy to surgery areas
4. Continue sealing off small nerve cuts and counter/lower pain signal
    (put a buffer - like an ear plug - around the nerves that are firing)
    (so that you feel it - but at a lesser volume)
4. Think full calm normal spinal function returning
5. If feel any mild headache, diffuse pressure by thinking/feeling pressure releasing
      (like pin holes in a balloon allowing it to deflate)



1. Place hands over surgery area (especially ligament attachment points) & send warm-up energy
    (like warming up a muscle before using / reinforce attachments before putting stain on them)



1. Tell the body what you want  it to do while you are sleeping
     (healing effects, anti-swelling, attaching strong, etc.)
2. Send picture of how strong you want the knee to be six months from now (or sooner)



1. Remember that injured nerve signals to the brain automatically create a downward mood swing
2. Tell yourself I know I have the injury of the surgery, I refuse to let it control my attitude
3. Focus on humor
4. Focus on the good in your life (those who love you, that you have insurance, etc.)
5. Focus on how you can use the experience (to empathize with people your products will serve)



POST-OP MOVING & REHAB (remember the “before you move” hands on)
1. Place hands over surgery area (especially ligament attachment points) & send warm-up energy
    (like warming up a muscle before using / reinforce attachments before putting stain on them)
2.     As you move the joint send energy for healing and attaching strong
3.     Think of knee being the strong you want it to be in six months (or less)
4.     When pain occurs think nerve endings sealing, clots dissolving, tissue returning to normal
5.     After moving/using joint send icing energies for soothing


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