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NEW Spirit Guides CD & Training

** 1st Time Available for Self-Study **

Your Spirit Guides & Soul Purposes
by Free Soul Founder, Pete A. Sanders Jr.

New Information AND Advanced Techniques
from the 2010 Sedona Winter Retreat


Scientific & Spiritual Information about Your Team of Spirit Guides
Methods for Accessing Your Guides Higher Dimensional Levels
Instruction in the Basic Soul Infusion Technique
The Soul Joy Touch Technique
Your True Soul Purposes


    This is the ONLY Self-Study material available that has Free Soul Founder, Pete A. Sanders Jr. teaching you about your Spirit Guides and how to learn more about them. Also included are instruction in Basic Soul Infusion and its applications for learning more about your Guides and their and YOUR true Soul Purposes.

    This material contains BOTH beginning AND advanced concepts and techniques. It is suitable for BOTH new Free Soul students AND those who have completed Free Soul's Course, Counselings and Retreats. For new students it provides the same solid, practical approach to Spiit Guides that you have appreciated in Mr. Sanders' other materials. It also has NEW concepts and techniques that will help you have faster, more effective growth in learning about and communicating with your Guides. For long time Free Soul students the CD has the latest insights on Guides from Mr. Sanders that will help you more effectively get answers from your Guides.

     The CD DOES NOT replace the FS001 Introductory Soul Profile 1st Counseling. That 90 min. One-on-One Session with a Senior Free Soul Instructor/Counselor has completely different content and is the ONly way to learn Mr. Sanders' breakthrough discovery for how to get answers from your Spirit Guides "at any time" independent of the Psychic Senses.

Spirit Guides CD


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