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    Pete A. Sanders Jr., Free Soul's President and Founder, has unveiled a NEW DISCOVERY for more fully and deeply tapping the Soul. This new "SOUL INFUSION" technique has just been taught to Free Soul Instructors. It will allow you to access even deeper levels of peacefulness in your daily life without causing you to feel spacy or ungrounded. Additionally, you will be taught advanced versions of Soul Infusion for deeper Self-Healing (and channeling healing to others) that can be utilized even DURING intense physical activity.
    Self-Study Soul Infusion IS AVAILABLE from the NEW Science for Living AS a Soul 2-DVD Set or the Advanced Soul Infusion CDs (see to Place Your Order in Self-Study Materials). This three CD Set also teaches you adaptations of Soul Infusion (from 5 Sedona retreats) for Advanced; Psychic Sensing, Self-Healing, Past-Life Memory, Spiritual Protection, Soul Esteem, and Universal Oneness.

    The new discovery/technique also allows you to self-trigger the Brain's Joy Center Mood-Elevation mechanism more easily and successfully, even during the stresses of daily life.

Learn Soul Infusion in your Local Areas from
the Free Soul Instructors

Recommended Prerequisites for Attending a Soul Infusion Workshop
: (1) Purchase the Access Your Brain's Joy Center Book & Tape and/or know the Joy Touch and Comforting Connection techniques contained in Chapter 1 and the beginning of Chapter 2. (2) Practice and be familiar with the Soul-shift technique (on 198-202 of You Are Psychic!, on pages 115-119 of Access Your Brain's Joy Center, or on pages 25-38 of Scientific Vortex Information.

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