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What is the Triangle

What is the Free Soul Triangle?

    Free Soul has discovered an unique three step approach to more fully Living Life "as a Soul." We call the techniques and skills for that process, "The Free Soul Triangle."

    The first skill (that forms the base of the triangle) is the Soul-shift technique. This is a rapid and dynamic method for easily accessing the extra dimensions that even science now acknowledges that you exist in. The Soul-shift allows seekers to do in seconds what often required 20-30 minutes of meditation. Doing the Soul-shift first makes every meditation or spiritual practice easier, faster, and deeper.

    The Brain's Joy Center technique is the left side of the triangle (connecting up from the base to the top). Knowing how to do the Joy Touch technique gives you the ability to self-trigger natural mood-elevation and counter the effects of the limbic system of the brain. The Limbic Brain is that part of our dinosaur physiology that pulls you out of Soul. It causes you to live more out of your animal evolutionary past. The limbic system also creates 90% of your negative emotions, your worries hurts, angers, and fears. When you know how to Access Your Brain's Joy Center, you can rise above just survival reflexes and tap more of your Soul wisdom in all that you do.

    The final leg of the triangle (connecting down the right side from the top to the base) is the NEW SOUL INFUSION DISCOVERY. Knowing Soul Infusion allows you to easily flow Soul connectedness into all facets of your life without feeling spacy or ungrounded. This new technique can be learned from a Local Instructor or from the NEW Advanced Soul Infusion CDs.

     The Soul-shift technique is contained in all of Mr. Sanders' books. Specifically it can be found in You Are Psychic! pages 198-202 and Access Your Brain's Joy Center pages 115-119.
     You can order Access Your Brain's Joy Center by mail or on this web site, or you can learn the technique from an Instructor in a $90/90 min. Personalized Instruction Session or as part of a Joy Center Workshop.
    You can complete your Soul Triangle and learn Soul Infusion by attending a Sedona Retreat or contacting a Soul Infusion Instructor in your area (See Learn Soul Infusion under Local Programs) for a $90/90 min. Personalized Instruction Session or as part of a Soul Infusion Workshop.
You canalso  learn Soul Infusion Self-Study from the NEW Advanced Soul Infusion CDs.

     If there are no Instructors in your area, Mr. Sanders is also available to travel to your city if you have a group of 20 or more that would like to learn this new discovery as part of a Soul Infusion Workshop ($75 preregistered) or a "Spiritual Freedom Intensive ($150 - requires only 10 preregistered)(See National Programs).

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