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New Science & Soul Info.

Free Soul's Unique Blend of Science and Spirituality
Copyright © 2008 by Pete A. Sanders Jr.

Key Aspect of Superstrings Physics = All things exist in 10 or more dimensions
    The three of space we are used to: right/left, up/down, forward/back and one of time, AND six or more other dimensions that we don’t have the technology to build machines to measure into –YET.

    Remember, pioneering has always preceded technology. Columbus didn’t have satellite navigation. Daniel Boone couldn’t call AAA for a Triptik.


Soul is no longer just a religious expression (since superstrings)
    You can talk to a complete atheist and say, “You as a Soul,” and mean – “You and your six or more other dimensions that Science says you extend into.”


The latest in Superstrings is called “M” Theory
   The “M” stands for Membrane. Think of a Membrane (sheet of paper viewed on edge) as our Universe. It is real, but it is not all there is. There are beyonds above, and beyonds below.


This is the Most Exciting Age of Exploration since Columbus
You can learn to extend/explore into those “Beyond” dimensions.

The Soul-shift technique is your first step for tapping that “Beyond.”


The Psychic Senses are the Senses of the Soul (Superstrings explanation of ESP)
    Superstrings Physics explains why you can’t see Soul with the physical eyes. Sub-atomic Physicists are always trying to find the smallest piece that makes up all things. They are now calling that smallest piece “a String,” because the strings tie together all the forces, energy and matter in the Universe. Depending on how you vibrate and twist the strings thru space, time, and dimensions, they become everything.

    There are Closed Loop Strings and Open Loop Strings. Closed Loop Strings are the most mysterious. Imagine a rubber band vibrating and twisting thru all dimensions and time. Closed Loop String go everywhere. They are not limited to the 3-Dimensional realm of our Membrane. Gravitons (the particle or force that causes gravity) are Closed Loop Strings. That is why we do not fully understand gravity. People think we understand gravity, because we can feel it, and we can weigh everything. If we fully understood gravity, however, we would be able to build a gravity blocking device.

    We can build photon of light blocking devices. We call them sun glasses or window shades. We can build an electromagnetic field blocking device. We call it insulating material (or lead shielding). We have no clue how to build a graviton blocking device. Once we can, we will no longer need rockets to launch items into space.

    Open Loop Strings are like cutting the rubber band and it’s still vibrating and twisting thru space and time. Open Loop Strings are primarily stuck in our 3-Dimensional Membrane. Their attachment points never leave the Membrane.

    Photons of Light are Open Loop Strings. Since we see by photons of light hitting the retina of the eye, that is why you can’t see Soul with your physical eyes. You need the Psychic Senses to sense into to those “Beyond” dimensions.


 Rather than ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) think of HSP (Higher Sensory Perception)
    The physical senses are the way we sense and navigate in the physical world of our 3-Dimensional Membrane. The Psychic Senses are the Senses of the Soul; the way we sense and navigate in those “six or more other dimensions that we don’t have the technology to build machines to measure into just yet.”     The Psychic Reception Areas are brain/body locations that help you tap those senses/dimensions when you are primarily physically focused (operating thru your body as opposed to Soul-shifted).

The Limbic Brain pulls people out of that Beyond; out of their “Soulness.”
   …into living more from a negative physical perspective, from their animal evolutionary past; living thru the physical senses. Important scientific acknowledgement of limitations - Science says that what we think of as the Universe (bodies, planets, stars, etc. the physical stuff) makes up less than 5% of the energy of the Universe.


The Joy Touch Technique counters the Limbic Brain (reduces hurts, worries, angers, etc.)
   … AND provides a mood boost that increases, well-being and happiness AND makes Soul-shifting easier.

   It has been confirmed by the Hubble telescope (and other space telescopes) that the Universe is not just expanding, but that the expansion is accelerating. Gravity is NOT causing the universal expansion to decelerate.


There is an EXPANSIVE ENERGY flowing thru every scintilla of space…
    … that is causing that expansion of the Universe. The Galaxies are not only moving away from each other, but they are accelerating apart. That Expansive force makes up close to 70% of the Universe’s Energy.

    Why then aren’t our bodies flying apart? Why isn’t Planet Earth flying apart?


Large gravity overrides the effects of the Expansive Energy.
    There are two definitions of gravity. The more technical one is the attraction between masses (Earth-Moon, Sun-Earth, etc.) The linguistic definition of gravity (he was a very grave man) is the heaviness in life created by the Limbic Brain.


Life Mirrors Life. Patterns repeat throughout Nature and Science.
     Physical gravity pulls us out of our Soulness into living with the heaviness of life created by the Limbic Brain; living in the limited 5% of 3-D Matter & Energy and missing the 70% Energy of that Expansive Force.


Using the Soul-shift and the Joy Touch, you can ride the waves of that Expansive Energy
    I have learned to slip the surly bonds of Earth and touch the face of God.


Life is a Series of Peaks and Valleys
   The Limbic Brain wants you to feel helpless (for survival). Exploration is dangerous. Misery (worry, hurt, and fear) are safer (if it causes you to not venture out of the cave).


Learn to transform the Valleys into PrePeaks
    There is this natural rhythm to all things. Life is a series of Peaks and Valleys. See Prepeaks instead and enjoy the learning of the whole cycle. Pressure increases gravity (both scientifically & emotionally).

Resolve NOT to let the Limbic Brain win. Live AS a Learning Soul.
    Be passionate about your problems versus pressured or perverse.

    Make Life a Quest NOT a Test.


Purpose Transforms Pressure into Progress
    Challenge without Purpose = becoming an adrenaline junkie or drama queen. Challenge with Purpose = Leads to “Creating YOUR OWN Enlightenment.” It weaves experience into learning and wisdom.


Letting the Expansive Energy Flow thru You = Key to Living as a Soul
   Bi-Level Soul-Awareness

   Soul Infusion                         Free Soul’s Techniques give you the ABILITY to do not just believe.

   Infinite Soul Connection

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