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Science, the Soul, and "The Secret"

Science, the Soul, and The Secret
by Pete A. Sanders Jr.


    Never before in history have science and spirituality been so close to agreement on the topic of Soul. As someone with a foot in both worlds, I feel we are entering the greatest age of adventure since Columbus set sail. Although, this time the exploration will be spiritual, not just physical. The latest in physics, “Superstrings” states that all things exist in a minimum of 10 (or more) dimensions. The table, the chair, you, me – we all extend into dimensions beyond the physical. In addition to the three dimensions of space we are used to; right/left, up/down, forward/backward and the dimension of time, everything exists in a minimum of six (or more) other dimensions that we don’t have the technology to measure into “just yet.” Superstrings has made “Soul” more than just a religious expression. I can talk to a complete atheist, and say, “You, as a Soul” and mean “You and the six other dimensions that we don’t have the technology to build machines to measure into yet.” 

    Don’t let our current lack of measuring equipment discourage you. Remember, pioneering has always preceded technology. Columbus didn’t have satellite navigation. Daniel Boone couldn’t order up a TripTik. It took decades to develop the technology to confirm some of Einstein’s breakthroughs. You can either wait around 50 to 100 years for some lab scientist to say, “Now we have the machine to measure into those dimensions beyond.” Or, you can learn methods, based on science, for exploring now. 

    Currently, there is great interest in the “Laws of Attraction” featured in the new DVD and book, The Secret. Many, however, are finding that after their initial excitement, they are feeling incomplete. That is because belief and hope, alone, are not enough. For consistent success you also need METHODS; methods for countering the part of the brain that tends to make us negative (the limbic system – see below), and methods for broadcasting your desires on a higher “Soul” level. The law of attraction works best when you have specific techniques for amplifying it, and for sending and receiving from a clearer perspective. In Free Soul, we help seekers go beyond just having a positive attitude. We teach specific techniques and methods, based on science, that help you more effectively realize your mental, physical, and spiritual goals. 

    My first book, You Are Psychic! (currently in paperback thru Simon & Schuster, as well as in German, Spanish, Hebrew in Israel , and soon French – see our web site http://freesoul.net) teaches you rapid methods for both tapping the Soul (Chapter 8) and for practically accessing your HSP (Higher Sensory Perception). Think of your physical senses as the way you perceive our 3-dimension world and the psychic senses as the “Senses of the Soul,” the way you can explore into the beyond dimensions that Superstrings brings out of mysticism and into practicality. 

   My second book, Access Your Brain’s Joy Center, (book and tape available thru Free Soul) teaches you how to counter the part of the brain that actually makes life more miserable than it needs to be. People don’t realize that regardless of your religion (or lack of it), you have a part of the brain, called the Limbic System, that tends to keep you from “Living as a Soul.” That part of the brain is so powerful, that the brain scientist’s call it “The Limbic Brain.” It is a brain within the brain and it generates 90% of your negative emotions; your worries, hurts, angers, and fears. The limbic system is what makes meditation difficult for most people, or requiring too much time. They can’t easily quiet the negative chatter that the limbic brain generates. This is also why The Secret is failing for many people. For every positive thought they focus on, the limbic brain spits out three negative ones. Free Soul  teaches you, not only how to counter the limbic brain, but also how to self-trigger the brain’s natural mood-elevation mechanisms, to “feel better fast,” without alcohol, nicotine, drugs, or overeating. 

    In addition to teaching stress reduction and tapping higher mental potentials, to the faculty, students, and staff, at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, M.I.T. also asked me to present an extra program for athletes. It focused on countering the limbic brain for more effective “mental rehearsal.” All top sports training is now including mind/body techniques. The latest brain research has shown that the brain itself does not distinguish between actual physical practice and mental visualization. If you do not soothe the limbic brain, however, you are just as likely to visualize a negative result (missing the shot, tiring at the end of a race, or as relates to The Secret  - focusing on what you don’t want to happen). 

    When you combine suppressing the limbic brain with knowing how to tap your deeper Soul dimensions, you have it all. You can truly live as a Free Soul. Mind/body self-healing can become a skill, not just a belief. Free Soul’s Instructors teach rapid methods for doing it, not just wishing it. Chapter 7 of You Are Psychic! also contains stress reduction and self-healing Free Soul techniques. 

    Even if you are not interested in more effectively manifesting the Laws of Attraction or quickly and practically accessing your Psychic Senses, learning to tap your full Soul dimensions is the gateway for living your faith with greater depth and clarity. 

    The latest in Superstrings is called M Theory. The M stands for membrane. Physicists suggest that we, “Think of our Universe as this membrane, this slice (picture a sheet of paper held flat in front of you or lying on a table). It is real, but there are beyonds above, and beyonds below.” When you learn to tap the Soul you extend more fully into those beyonds. My third book Scientific Vortex Information (available thru Free Soul), explains how to easily and practically find and tap enhanced energy meditation sites, not just in Sedona, but wherever you travel, or near where you live. 

    Why is that important? When you extend into that beyond, you rise above the negativity (created by the limbic brain) that dominates our three dimensional world. Here is a scientific analogy. The Hubble telescope is infinitely better than any of our land based telescopes, because it is above the distorting effects of the atmosphere. The same is true of tapping those beyond Soul dimensions. When you get above the negativity created by the limbic brain, you are in a clearer space for more effective prayer (both sending and receiving), and for communing with the Divine. 

    Free Soul was founded to help YOU become a master of all the above. Our goal is to help you be “your own best teacher;” to teach you methods and skills that enhance your faith, not encourage you to leave it. Just as important, our focus is educational, not commercial, or merely to be spiritual entertainment. We are dedicated to taking this field out of “woo woo” and instead make it understandable, practical, and effective. 

    To learn more about Free Soul’s self-study materials and/or Instructors nearest you, check our web site, http://freesoul.net or write to Free Soul,
P.O. Box 1762, Sedona, AZ 86339


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