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First Counseling

Free Soul also offers a one on one session with a Free Soul Senior Instructor/Counselor. Entitled "The Introductory Soul Profile", the counseling is a 90 minute $95 private session in which the Counselor shares with you an analysis of your present state of being. It includes information on: your natural psychic strengths, your present usage of them, the psychic pressures currently bombarding you, and a measure of the overall strength and sensitivity of your aura. Free Soul Founder, Pete A. Sanders Jr. is available in Sedona for the Sessions, and:

Local contacts that are also certified Counselors are designated with an FS001 notation next to their listing on the Coordinators page.


*** Most Important *** The Counselor will show you during the session a method for achieving direct communication with your team of Spiritual Guides. Other skills taught during the session include how to quickly recharge and strengthen your aura and how to tap the Soul dimension.

Designated Instructors are also able to conduct the following other 90 min. $90 a One-on-One Private Sessions:

1.  The Soul Infusion Discovery

2.  The Brain's Joy Center Techniques

3.  Spiritual Healing Methods

See Soul Infusion Menu Item under Local Programs
for the phone #s of Instructors nearest you.

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