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Book Your Travel thru freesoulinmotion.net

New Free Soul Travel Site

    Free Soul Instructors, Luz & Joe Adams of Virginia have donated to Free Soul, the set-up,
registration, and maintainence of a new Free Soul Travel website entitled:
    This allows anyone who books travel (planes, hotels, car rental,
cruises, etc.) over the internet to use all the standard search engines and
have a portion of the commissions go to Free Soul (at no expense to the
traveler). If you regularly book your travel thru the internet, this is a
way you can painlessly support Free Soul.
Specifics on Free Soul Travel Website
It's New, It's Hot, It's Almost as Cool as Oak Creek
And With Your Help
It's a Revenue Source For Free Soul

CLICK HERE TO LINK TO www.FreeSoulinMotion.net

    We have some exciting news for the Free Soul family of Instructors and
Members. Free Soul has joined the Network Travel Affinity Program of YTB
Travel and Cruises. This is an opportunity for everyone to support Free Soul
financially, by doing what you normally do without spending any more money
than you spend now.

   This affinity program was created especially for non-profit organizations to
provide a powerful fundraising vehicle and to support many worthy causes.
Other associations that belong to the Affinity program are the National
Cancer Research Foundation, and the Marine Corps, so we are in good company.
It uses commissions paid on travel to raise funds.  The travel industry is
the largest industry in the world and produces huge amounts of travel
commissions ($2.5 million/minute in the US), commissions that can help fund
programs in organizations like FREE SOUL.

    Turn your vacations into donations!  Travel is the ultimate fundraiser.
Here is how it works. YOU the member, your friends, family, associates,
coworkers make a simple shift -- instead of booking through Expedia,
Travelocity or Orbitz, you now can book all your personal or business travel
24 hours a day, 7 days a week on the new Free Soul site at:

    This will create a consistent stream of travel commissions paid by the travel vendors
to Free Soul.  YTB will pay 40% of the commissions earned on travel booked
on the Free Soul site to Free Soul. All YOU have to do is use the Free Soul
site to book all of your travel needs.

   But that is not all. This site is complete. You can also order flowers on
line, get golf tee times, sign up for the Honeymoon Travel and Wedding
Registry, join in cruises that groups have already set up and enjoy savings
by traveling with a group, take mini vacations and weekend getaways, make
hotel, air, and car reservations and much more. Free soul will be paid
commissions on everything booked through the site.

     Here is an example: a cruise for two booked on the Internet would cost
approximately $2300. When it is booked on the Free Soul site, Free Soul
receives $156.40 in commissions. Imagine if 10 of these cruises were booked.
It would mean $1564.00 in commissions.  You will have a great time doing
what you would normally do for your vacation. You will help Free Soul --
without costing you any more money!

We live in an incredibly mobile world.  Everyone is traveling.  Your
friends, family, and associates are traveling for personal travel,
vacations, business and cruises -- both international and domestic.  Each
trip produces substantial commissions paid by the hotels, airlines, cruise
lines, and rental car companies.   Through the Affinity Program, this will
be a constant flow of commissions that will help FREE SOUL -- this year and
for years to come.  But we need your help. Help Free Soul get commissions by
booking all your travel needs at www.FreeSoulinMotion.net.

    That's right, it's our own site for travel, and it's FREE SOUL IN MOTION.
Our plan is also to help get Free Soul moving. As the name indicates, we
will be in motion.  We are going to move some abundance and money into Free
Soul. We are going to have a fun time. We are going to see new exciting
places and meet new people. And we are going to do it all through the vision
of Free Soul with the support from YTB Travel and Cruises and the Free Soul
Affinity Fundraising Program.

   We celebrate our 25th Anniversary this year. It is a new era for Free Soul
and we are proud to be involved in new trends by using the tool of the
century, the Internet.

 Here are a few facts:
· On-line Travel is the fastest growing commercial Internet segment.
· Travel is the largest Industry in the U.S. (generates $2.5M/minute).
· Travel is growing 23% faster than the global economy.
· Travel is expected to double to $14 Trillion by the end of the decade.
· Travel is a ½big ticket… item, producing significant commissions.
· Everyone loves to travel. (Yeah, I tried that vacation thing once- I liked

Most of us have been with Free Soul for a while. We love the principles it
teaches and we support its vision. Now it is our turn to support its growth
as we start the next 25 years.  This is a fantastic way to do so. It lets
you turn vacations into donations by booking all of your travel needs on

   Free Soul is looking forward to hearing from all of you (by booking your
travel on the site).  We would like to plan to have a cruise and take many
Free Soul members next year into the new frontier of Free Soul in Motion.
Please let us know any other places you would like to go with Free Soul,
since we can arrange it!

   We'll see you all (and your guides) on the white sandy beaches of the world;
down in the In-Flows and on top of the Up-Flows, practicing your Free Soul
relaxation techniques, Joy-Touching, Remote Sensing and supporting the work
Pete has shared with us through these 25 years.  See you at the Summer
Retreat -- until we meet againŠ.

Luz and Joe Adams at LuzNJoeTravel@cox.net.

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