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Winter Retreat

"Piercing the Veil" 

New Discoveries for "Living" - As a Soul
Soul Infusion and Beyond
by Pete A. Sanders, Jr.
M.I.T. Honors Graduate and Founder of Free Soul and author of You are Psychic!

Specifics for Living Your Spirituality in All You Do
- learn Soul Infusion (Soul Connection without being ungrounded).
- NEW DISCOVERIES for going Beyond Soul Infusion for:
more complete access to ALL your Soul potentials,


New Methods for Advanced Psychic Sensitivity and Healing
- learn to access Soul Vision in normal everyday life.
- keys for seeing beyond the physical for more comprehensive:
decision making, inner diagnosis, Life Purpose insight, and awareness.



In Sedona, AZ: Sat & Sun. 
16-17 February 2008

(Sat. 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. / Sun. 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
[with time spent in the Vortexes])

at the Masonic Lodge on top of scenic Airport Mesa (Upflow Vortex)

For help with Lodging Options: Call the Sedona Chamber of Commerce at (928) 282-7722

$225 Preregistered
 ($250 at the door)

Family and Senior Discounts - $25 off per person
(Senior is 62+ / Family means Joint Income)

Make checks payable to Free Soul Retreat Fund
(Prereg. is refundable with advance notice)

Mail Prereg to: Free Soul, P.O. Box 1762, Sedona, AZ 86339 [(928) 282-9425]

    As Life Changing as the Soul Infusion discovery was for "Living" as a Soul, the new techniques contained in this Retreat go even further. Attendees will learn both Soul Infusion and INFINITE SOUL CONNECTION skills for more easily and rapidly tapping their psychic, Soul, and unlimited potentials ALL THE TIME.

New Information on FULL Access to YOUR Spirit Guides

    Every seven to ten years, Free Soul has a Retreat that specifically focuses on learning more about your Spirit Guides. Recently, Free Soul Founder, Pete A. Sanders Jr., has been developing new insights and techniques for Enhanced Guide Communication that he feels are some of the most important discoveries he has ever made. This 20-21 Feb. he will be sharing those breakthroughs as part of the 2010 Winter Retreat in Sedona.

    Imagine going to a whole new level of communication with your Guides. Imagine feeling the inner security of KNOWING that you can access ALL the wisdom you need for ANY challenge you face in life. Imagine LIVING with the inner peace of feeling COMPLETE CONNECTION with your Life and Soul Purposes. That is the focus of the Winter Retreat. Those goals and much more will be achieved by those attending the program.

    This Retreat does have the prerequisite of having the 90 min. private session, FS001 Introductory Soul Profile. Check the Local Instructors list on http://freesoul.net for the Counselor in your area. Counselors will also be available for getting the FS001 Session before the Retreat.

The Convergence of Science & Spirituality

     Free Soul is NOT trying to be a religion or replace your religion. It is a Nonprofit Educational Foundation dedicated to teaching seekers techniques and skills that help them find their own truth.

    It is exciting how, more than any other time in history, science and spirituality are coming closer together. Topics that used to be consider Faith and now being discussed as the frontiers of science. A prime example is “Superstrings Physics” assertion that all things exist in a minimum of 10 or more dimensions. That you are more than just the physical body and that there are realms beyond our three-dimensional world is no longer just religious belief.

    An even more amazing scientific discovery is that there is an expansive force flowing through every scintilla of space (the opposite of gravity) that comprises close to 70% of the total energy in the Universe (stars, planets, etc. make up less than 5% of the total energy in the Universe). This is a huge force for mind expansion and Soul growth that Free Soul is now teaching students how to tap “at will.” The skills for riding those winds of spiritual exploration is what is part of the new Soul Infusion and Infinite Soul Connection techniques (both of which will be taught as part of the 20-21 Winter Retreat).

    Once you have learned the basics of taping that expansive force, that still leaves the question of what makes up the remaining 25% of the energy in the Universe. The physicists are calling that missing link, Dark Matter. We know definitively from multiple sources that it is there, but we can’t see it with the naked eye (as it doesn’t radiate physical light or interact with light in any way). Perhaps it is something (or someone) that is at the crossroads of the interface between our three-dimensional world and the beyond of Superstrings. Perhaps it is the energy of consciousness not tied to physical form, the reflection of Souls without bodies, what has been called for ages Guides, Spirit Guides, or Angels.

     The concept of evolved Souls without bodies is also just another extension of science. If matter can evolve, why not conscious? What transpires in the heart of stars is the evolution of the energy we call matter. Hydrogen atoms are compressed together to form helium (letting off heat and light in the process). Then the helium atoms are compressed together to form carbon. Then carbons atoms are compressed together to form even more complex atoms: nitrogen, oxygen, etc. all the way up to iron. Eventually, when the star runs out of sufficient stuff to run that nuclear furnace, it goes nova. In that explosion still further complex metals and other massive elements are formed. Eventually those complex atoms condense to form planets.

     If matter can evolve from hydrogen to helium, to carbon to lead, etc., why not a similar evolution of the energy that is consciousness? To date the biggest mystery in Brain Science is how the wiring of the brain creates consciousness. Consciousness is how you recognize you as you and how you “initiate thought.” Perhaps consciousness is that part of us that extends into those dimensions beyond. Further, if we, as humans, can evolve as a species, it makes sense that consciousness can evolve, even if it is not connected to a body.

    That is the energy that IS your Spirit Guides. Learning to better communicate with your Guides and access their FULL wisdom is the prime focus of the 20-21 Feb. 2010 Winter Retreat.


Who Are Your Guides?

    Your Guides are Souls that have mastered life on Earth or at least major portions of it that have to do with your Life Purpose. You pick them and they agree to work with you before you are born. That doesn’t mean that you go to a Guide supermarket and pick one Indian Guide, and one Native American Guide, etc. It is more like a magnetic attraction. You attract to you Guides that have wisdom in the areas that are relevant to your Soul Growth purposes.

    In our experience in Free Soul we have found that most people have between two and eight Guides for this lifetime. How many Guides people have is mostly related to the variety of areas they will work with in a life. A lab scientist, who never marries (with no children) and who works mostly with things not people, may not need as many Guides for this life. Someone who deals with a variety of different areas in life will tend to have more Guides.

     Some of your Guides will more recently have had a body and as a result they are more apt to help you with physical areas of concern (health, safety, finances, etc.). Your Guides that have been evolving on much deeper levels will probable be the ones that help you with Soul growth issues (oneness, love, forgiveness, etc.). And in the middle are Guides that deal with physical problems that also have Soul implications (relationships, family, career, etc.).

    Neither set of Guides is more important or more valuable than the other. In communicating with your Guides you want to tap all levels of their wisdom. In asking whether to make a move, or switch to a new job, you want to know BOTH the spiritual and the physical implications. One possible choice might have tremendous spiritual growth potential, but also have severe health stresses that you need to be aware of. A different path might have financial pluses, but be such a spiritual wasteland that the emptiness inside is not worth the extra money.

    For those reasons you want to access ALL of your Guides AND learn how to tap their TRUE PURPOSE for working with you.


Guides & Your Connection into the Expansive Energy

   The biggest breakthrough in Superstrings Physics was developed by Edward Witten of Princeton . His work provided the bridge that truly exploded superstrings within the scientific community. For decades there has been a major quandary in science. Einstein’s breakthroughs with relativity and understanding gravity did not match with the discoveries of quantum physics. The problem was that both were fully experimentally provable. Witten ’s final equations provide the link that shows how relativity and quantum physics fit together and rather than contradict each other. His contribution has been labeled M-Theory.

    From a spiritual perspective M-Theory makes it easier for the layman to grasp superstrings’ extra dimension concepts (and their connection to vortexes). The M stands for membrane. What the scientists say is, “Think of this membrane (imagine a sheet of paper held on edge) as our Universe. It is real, but it is not all there is. There are beyonds above, and beyonds below.”

    If you want the quick, simple answer to the question, “What is a Vortex?” It is an enhanced energy site that helps people get into those dimensions beyond. Why would you want to get into those dimensions beyond? Because that is how you can tap into enhanced physical and spiritual insight. From a practical point of view think of getting to that higher perspective as being like the Hubble telescope (in space). Because it is above the distortion of the atmosphere, the Hubble is infinitely superior to land based telescopes. When you do the Soul-shift technique you rise above the Limbic Brain and tap the higher perspectives of the Soul (a spiritual Hubble) for a clearer, better view for insight and problem solving. It can also let you tap much, much more.

    Think of that Expansive Force (described in the sections above) as flowing in the dimensions above the plane of the membrane (like a wind flowing over the surface of a lake). When you extend into those dimensions, you are better able to catch the winds of that expansive energy for Soul growth. You can go beyond mere Life Purpose insight to Soul Purpose answers to the even deeper questions.

    Connecting more consistently with your Guides is another key for accessing that expansive energy. Think of it as unfurling extra sails into the winds of that Soul growth potential. It helps you achieve more complete and rapid spiritual progress in this incarnation, rather than merely surviving life’s struggles.

    Specific techniques for improving your connection to and communication with your Spirit Guides is the prime focus of the 20-21 Feb. 2010 Winter Retreat. That and time spent in Sedona’s Vortexes will help all attending to make a quantum leap in their spiritual abilities and sense of fulfillment of their Life/Soul Purposes.


How the New Mystery Cosmic Energy Can Change Your Life 
    Recently the Hubble telescope has verified that the Universe, instead of slowing its expansion, is actually accelerating its outward growth. That finding has lead physicists to describe a new force in the Universe that is the opposite of gravity (described in last e-mail).

    More important, this mystery cosmic force of expansion is constantly flowing around us, and even through us and can be tapped to expand your consciousness and increase your happiness. In the presence of matter (our bodies, our planet) gravity wins out over the force of expansion and we are consigned to living a “heavy” life of worry and suffering.

     When you learn the Soul-shift (and practice it) you can more readily tap that expansive energy and defeat the gravity of life (anxiety, depression, etc.) created by the Limbic Brain. 
    The new Soul Infusion discovery (that you can either learn from your local Free Soul Instructor in a One-on-One Session or at a Sedona Retreat) helps you bring more of your Soul Energy (and its connection to Cosmic Expansion) into every moment of your life. 
    At the 16-17 February Sedona Winter Retreat, Free Soul is unveiling an even deeper new discovery for flowing more of that Cosmic Expansion Energy through you. Advanced Soul Vision skills will allow you to fully “Pierce the Veil” and access INFINITE SOUL CONNECTION and the wisdom of your Spirit Guides and Universal Consciousness WHENEVER YOU WANT. 
    Imagine being able to access “at will” a greater serenity and the wise perspective of your Spirit Guides; to more fully be able to sense for your Life Purpose threads in all you do. Don’t just wish for “Living Life More As a Soul,” learn new skills for how to DO IT.



New Discoveries for Living With Full Soul Vision

    Believing you have a Soul is not enough for being truly content and happy. The key is knowing methods for “Living As a Soul” in all that you do. Free Soul has always been a pioneer of techniques for tapping greater Soul Awareness. From the Soul-shift, to BiLevel Awareness, to Soul Infusion, Free Soul has developed and taught serious seekers how to access all the Unlimited Potentials that are their birthright as Free Souls.

    Now Free Soul Founder, Pete Sanders, is unveiling a new discovery for INFINITE SOUL CONNECTION. This new series of insights and techniques is based on the latest in Cosmic Physics and will be the central aspect of the 16-17 Feb. 2008 Winter Retreat in Sedona.

    Participants will not only be taught Soul Infusion for how to be fully Soul connected without feeling spacy or ungrounded, but also will be introduced to new methods for accessing an even deeper form of Soul Vision. These new skills and perspectives make it easier to access advanced ESP, Life Purpose insight, Self-Healing, and Past-Life wisdom. Just as important, they bring an inner calm and contentment to all facets of life. Imagine being able to handle any situation with the serenity and insight you associate with living fully as a Soul.

    Participants will also learn how to tap Sedona’s Vortex Meditation Sites and how to find similar locations wherever they travel or in their home areas.

    Give yourself the gift of a Winter Get-a-way to Sedona’s beauty that nourishes your Soul for years to come.



Anti-Gravity and Soul: Key to Your Unlimitedness
    This is truly a fascinating time where science and spirituality are coming closer together. Superstrings physics is telling us that everything exists in a minimum of 10 or more dimensions. That expansion of reality means Soul is no longer just a religious term. You can say to a complete atheist, “You, as a Soul,” and mean the part of them that science now says exists beyond the three dimensionality of the body.

    New discoveries in astronomy and cosmology now tell us that not only is the Universe expanding, but that the expansion is accelerating. Even more startling, is that the expansion is fueled by a force that is the reverse of gravity AND that the energy behind that force makes up over 70% of the energy and matter in the Universe. Science is now coming to terms with the realization that the vast majority of energy in the Universe exists beyond the realm of our physical perceptions (the physical matter of stars and planets and our bodies makes up only 5% of the Universe’s energy).

    That same mysterious force is what fuels spiritual expansion, the desire of the Soul for learning and growth. When you learn to access that anti-gravitational force you have the key to spiritually moving forward with your life, not just blissing out in meditation. Understanding the ebb and flow of all of the Universe’s forces is what gives you the ability to spiritually navigate your path to enlightenment. You can go beyond suffering, and/or stagnation, to tapping a deep inner contentment in all that you do.

    The new insights and techniques that will be unveiled at the Free Soul Winter Retreat will teach participants how to access those beyond forces for INFINITE SOUL CONNECTION and Full Soul Vision for “Living As a Soul” in all facets of life. If you are unable to attend the Retreat contact the nearest Free Soul Instructor and at least make an appointment to learn the Soul Infusion discovery that not as yet in any books or self-study materials.



Life on Earth Sucks: Because There is Too Much Gravity 
    The above is one of the great lines from spiritual comedian, Swami Beyondananda (Steve Bhaerman). The Swami’s answer to the problem, counter Earth’s excessive gravity with levity. That is the reason he left the business world to follow his dream of being a stand-up comic.

    What makes Swami Beyondananda’s humor precious is that along with the joke, there is a grain of truth (the way to keep your children’s auras clean is to give them a daily esteem bath). Planet Earth could use more laughter and less anger (In the future, if Earth changes come, we will all need to learn to be nomads – I no mad at you, you no mad at me). Spiritually, Earth does need to have a greater lightness (lightness) as we face our learning challenges, and pursue our spiritual growth.

    The limbic system of the brain is what is primarily responsible for emotionally adding to Earth’s gravity. It sucks us out of Soulness and into living our animal (survival/struggle) evolutionary past. Learning to counter the Limbic Brain is a major step toward living life more as a Soul. That is why Free Soul Founder, Pete Sanders, considers the limbic countering brain science discovery contained in is book Access Your Brain’s Joy Center to be as important as his initial work at Massachusetts Institute of Technology for finding the brain’s Psychic Reception Areas (contained in his first book You Are Psychic!).

    Once you know both how to counter the Limbic Brain and the Soul-shift (described in both books), you can go to even more advanced abilities. You can learn to counter the negative effects of gravity on your spiritual growth and harmony. Those deeper skills will be a primary focus of the 2008 Winter Retreat in Sedona. If you can not attend, order the new Sedona Soul and ESP Discoveries DVD and Access Your Brain’s Joy Center book and/or contact the nearest Free Soul Instructor for private instruction.

The Ultimate Soul Infusion Retreat
    For the last five Sedona Retreats (Winter & Summer) Free Soul has been presenting how to use the new Soul Infusion discovery for different advanced spiritual skills (i.e. Soul Infusion for advanced ESP, or advanced Self-Healing, or accessing deeper levels of Your Guides, or advanced Past-Life Memory, or Soul Esteem). In celebration of Free Soul's next 25 years of Summer Retreats something special is planned.
    This summer’s Weekend Retreat takes the best of all those programs and combines them into a dynamic training designed to help you master your complete Soul Infusion abilities. Participant will learn ALL the methods for tapping the full complement of Soul Infusion skills (listed above) for use in ALL FACETS of their lives, including Soul Vision for receiving easier, more rapid insights.
    Imagine being able to handle even the most difficult issues in life with a spiritual calm and inner peace that you always dreamed of (without feeling spacy or ungrounded). Experience the inner security that increased psychic and Soul abilities can give you.
    Give yourself the gift of a spiritual getaway in "Sedona's beauty" that nourishes your Soul for years to come!

You Are Psychic II
     While much of the Weekend Summer Retreat will deal with Soul Infusion for Advanced - Past-Life Memory, communication with your Guides, Healing, and Soul Esteem, a major portion of it will be presenting methods to take psychic sensitivity to a whole new level of speed, ease of access, and usefulness in daily life. The Soul Infusion discovery literally makes methods available that could be called "You Are Psychic II".
    As big a breakthrough as the Psychic Reception Areas discovery contained in You Are Psychic! was, Soul Infusion for Psychic Sensitivity provides even greater practicality, accuracy, and cross checking ability.
    Free Soul has always maintained that the psychic senses are the "Senses of the Soul." Now, since "Superstrings" Physics, that statement is more than just a religious/spiritual extension. Superstrings makes the existence of the beyond in all of us, not just possible, but rather a definite unexplored reality. The psychic senses allow you to navigate that beyond and add that deeper awareness to all facets of your everyday life.
    Knowing Soul Infusion for Advanced Psychic Sensitivity is major benfit of learning and living the Free Soul Triangle.  

Free Soul Unveils New techniques for Tapping Your Guardian Angels

    For 25 years Free Soul has taught seekers how to self channel their own Guides, how to get answers directly from their Spiritual Helpers. The new Soul Infusion techniques make possible an even deeper access to the spiritual levels of your Guides.
    With science telling us that all things exist in 10 or more dimensions, we should consider that "the Soul" is not just the 4th dimension (or 5th dimension if you think of time as the 4th dimension). The Soul probably extends into many dimensions beyond that. And so do your Guides.
    The initial Soul tapping techniques that Free Soul has taught for years help students feel closer to their Guides and more easily access information from them. More is still possible, however, because the Guides also extend into those deeper Soul dimensions (6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10, and beyond). With the new Soul Infusion skills it is easier to connect with those still deeper levels of your Guides.
Of initial importance, this gives you the ability to sense the long term connection you may have with some of your Guides. Those Guides that have been with you over many lifetimes may be more appropriately called your true "Guardian Angels," because they have been with you, guiding you, through more than just this life.
    These Guardian Angel Spiritual Helpers have a unique perspective on your long term growth. They are not only your best friends and mentors, their wisdom makes possible a deeper insight into your Life Purposes. Their long term view also aids with the deeper healing of any unresolved Past-Life Soul Bruise issues.
The 2010 Winter Weekend Retreat will have sections that allow participants to connect with all of those deeper levels, as well as improve their overall communication with their Guides.

New Vortex/Soul/Physics Discovery & Skills 
    Free Soul Founder, Pete Sanders, has made even further discoveries that tie together Vortexes, tapping the Soul, the latest in Science, and keys for living a happier life.

    IT IS NOW POSSIBLE to fully scientifically explain:

  1. Why vortexes work.
  2. What their connection to Tapping the Soul is.
  3. How to go beyond finding Vortexes wherever you travel,
    1. to easily creating your own mini-vortex wherever you are.
    2. using that knowledge for better scanning past, present, and future,
    3. and better determining/creating your life purposes.
  4. How knowing this latest in Physics can increase your success and happiness.

    In Free Soul’s constant pursuit of new ways for “Living As a Soul” Founder, Pete Sanders has been using the latest in physics (beyond Superstrings) for developing new techniques. The short version is that science has identified a new force that makes up over 70% of the energy in the Universe (stars, planets, our bodies, etc. make up only 5% of the energy in the Universe). Tapping into that new energy is even more expansive than utilizing only the Soul-shift and/or Soul Infusion. It completes the missing link for more INFINITE SOUL CONNECTION.

    When you access that energy and perspective you are able to look at life and the world around you with new awareness, what might be called Full Soul Vision. The 20-21 February 2010 Winter Retreat will teach attendees how to use that awareness and new techniques for both, life purpose insight, and Advanced: self-healing skills, psychic sensitivity, and past-life information.

Increased Connection Requires Increased Protection
    Part of the reason we are cut off from those around us is actually for our own good, for our protection. The more psychically and spiritually you are connected to others, the more vulnerable you are to being affected but others’ turmoil. It is tough enough to learn to suppress the unnecessary worries, hurts, angers, and fears created by our own limbic systems (limbic brains). Imagine the challenge of having to overcome thousands, millions, of limbic inputs. That is the difficulty created by opening up without proper protection. These considerations are particularly true during this time of heighten national economic anxiety (that probably will continue for a while yet).

    Free Soul has always emphasized the importance of safely tapping your psychic senses and dimensions beyond. That is why the 10-Lesson “Dynamics of Being a Free Soul” Course contains extensive protection techniques and Aura Control methods.

    The 20-21 Feb. 2010 Sedona Winter Retreat will include new, even more extensive spiritual protection techniques. Participants will learn those skills AS they learn to tap the deeper connectedness of Quantum Physics (similar to installing virus protection software on your computer, BEFORE, you make it vulnerable thru the internet).

    If you can not attend the Retreat, as a minimum, review Chapter 2 & 3 of Access Your Brain’s Joy Center . Chapter 2 (Breakthroughs for Defeating Limbic Stress) gives you a comprehensive set of methods for decreasing your own Limbic vulnerabilities. The less you have, the less others similar worries, hurts, etc., can amplify yours. Chapter 3 (Enhancing the Love in your Life) contains key self-esteem building techniques that can provide an extra layer of spiritual protection to your aura.


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