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Comprehensive Ten Lesson Course

    The 10-Lesson (30 hr) Comprehensive Course is the most complete of Free Soul's training opportunities. It contains over 80 breakthrough techniques for making your psychic and spiritual abilities more consistent and automatic. 

Textbook & CDs - 10-Lesson Course


    The Comprehensive Course can be taken three ways: 1. with a Certified Instructor (at about $10-20/hr depending on location and facilities), 2. using the 200-page self-study textbook, or 3. from CDs featuring Pete A. Sanders Jr. as the instructor. 

    The text is the least expensive version of the Course. You have to be good at reading the techniques, remembering the procedures, and then leading yourself through them. If you can do that, then you can get all the content from the printed text.

Textbook Version of the 10-Lesson Course


    Most people feel, however, that the CDs are the easiest way to self-study, as it is like having Mr. Sanders right in the room with you as your instructor. The Textbook lets you see the overview of the Lesson visiually. It also helps When you find a single technique and study it in depth, later when you want it. That is why we give a discount on the textbook if you get it with the CDs. (That way you have the text as a quick reference later or to use before and after you do each lesson on CD). The CDs do have tracks so you can pause part way thru a Lesson and when you return fast forward to the next section.


CD Version of the 10-Lesson Course (24 CDs) 


Part 1 (12 CDs) Lessons 1-5 of Course & Introductory Lecture


   Part 2 (12 CDs) Lessons 6-10 of Course & Summary Section


The Course DOES NOT contain the Brain's Joy Center Material (see the separate Access Your Brain's Joy Center book & tape [under newest book menu]) or the new Soul Infusion discovery.

Contact your local Instructor for Personalized Instruction or their next workshop.

Comprehensive Course Textbook Material

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