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The Feeling Psychic Reception Area

The material provided to you on the Free Soul site was written by Pete A. Sanders, Jr.  He has provided it for you to read, not take. Pete has high interest in you benefiting from these techniques but as an author he is legally entitled to control the distribution of his words. If you want to publish something that is located here, ask Pete. You can also use this data from the University of Texas to learn about copyrights .

Although your entire body can function as a Psychic Feeling antenna (that's why you can sense someone sneaking up behind you), the focal point lies in the abdomen from the top of the diaphragm to just below the naval-specifically, the solar plexus. What you fell can be as mild as "butterflies" or as strong as a knot in the pit of your stomach.

That the solar plexus functions as a "master antenna" for Psychic Feeling should not be surprising. Numerous networks associated with the autonomic (or involuntary) nervous system are located there, spreading over the abdomen like a lattice work of fine wires. The autonomic nervous system not only provides direct access for psychic impressions to the subconscious mind, but it is linked to every major organ and most endrocine glands. As such, it maintains and regulates all of the body’s vital automatic functions-pulse, blood pressure, fluid balances, respiration, metabolism, and so on-and is viewed even in medicine as a natural monitoring mechanism.
Moreover, the metaphysics of Easter beliefs hold that the area of the solar plexus is the energy center-or chakra-most closely linked with creativity and emotions. It is thought to be where the spiritual and physical worlds join. Little wonder, then that the solar plexus is a key reception area for psychic energy.

Whichever explanation you find more acceptable, the result is the same: You can use the sensitivity of this region as the focal point for fine-tuning Psychic Feeling. You can tap it as your Feeling Psychic Reception Area.
You may not have realized it, but you demonstrate the psychic sensitivity of this abdominal region almost instinctively every day. Have you ever noticed that you turn you body to face objects or people when you want to sense them more deeply? Think about your body language when you feel uncomfortable. Don't you cross your arms in front of that solar plexus area to feel more protected and less vulnerable? Of course you do. The extra mass of the arms helps to buffer the Psychic Feeling bombardment. Turning sideways or sitting behind a desk can provide similar protection.

Psychometric Sensing 
This technique provides you with a beginning experience with Psychic Feeling. You will learn to utilize the Feeling Psychic Reception Area as well as experience the ease with which Psychic Feeling impressions can be received. Additionally, the technique will provide you with a warning system you can use when there is danger or difficulty ahead in a specific situation.

  Relax, stand comfortably (facing away from people) and close your eyes. Focus your awareness on the Psychic Feeling Reception Area and see what you experience. Gently tune your feeling sensitivity to this area and note how you experience a greater depth of awareness becoming available to you. You should feel like you have opened up a giant feeling antenna. Take a moment before going on and simply experience the sensation of increased sensitivity that tapping this area brings. Alternate between normal sensitivity and focusing your awareness in this location and note the difference.

B.  Next bring to mind several people that you know one at a time and see what sensations you experience in your Feeling Psychic Reception Area as you think of each one. Note that although some people may be similar, each person has a unique feeling and sensation. What you are actually doing here is sensing with Psychic Feeling the remembered aura or vibration of the people you bring to mind.

Note: If you think you feel nothing, explore further by asking what type of nothing you feel. For example, is it "nothing" as in nothing different or nothing unusual; "nothing" as in nothing there- a void or sense of a vacuum; "nothing" as in none of your business? Sometimes the nothing you think you are receiving may, in fact, carry a great deal of information.

C.  Now practice sensing individuals that are physically present. If you are in a group, form two lines and stand one at a time in front of each person in the group. Sense (with your Feeling Psychic Reception Area) the vibration of each individual in the group. As much as possible focus not only on sensing but also on discerning what you are feeling. Once again notice how each person is different and how easy it is to pick up these feeling impressions. (If you wish to close your eyes while standing and sensing, go ahead.) See if your impressions about that person's current vibration could help you to interact with them more effectively (for example, alert you as to how best to communicate or whether to talk quickly or slow down). Again, do not try, but just relax and see what impressions you feel. Note what feeling comes over you as you focus on the various people with your Feeling Psychic Reception Area.

D.  If you are doing the technique individually or if the group has more time, move to a place where you can stand near people and sense them as they go by.

E.  Finally stand facing away from people and close your eyes. Staying focused on your  Feeling Psychic Reception Area, bring to mind a dangerous or difficult situation you have experienced. Sense for a feeling of warning that could alert you to a similar situation in the future. Identify and remember the feeling so that you can use it as a key signal that caution or greater care may be called for. When you have finished reviewing and sensing, open your eyes, and record/share your experience.

Summary: Learning to use your  Feeling Psychic Reception Area can open new realms of sensitivity and awareness to you. We constantly swim in a sea of vibrations, energy patterns, and feelings. Most of the time we ignore or discard them. By noting the feeling behind the scenes you can access a whole additional level of information about the sincerity, safety, or truthfulness of the person or situation at hand. The  Feeling Psychic Reception Area is one of the strongest links between the realm of extrasensory vibration and the physical body-so much so that unpleasant, tense, or upsetting psychic signals may even cause physical discomfort (upset stomach or nausea). Do not let this frighten you. Log the event fro what it is (the physical reflection of an intense psychic vibration) and clear the discomfort away by realizing that the physical problem is not yours. Why carry around someone else's tension or pressure? Remember also that by using Psychic Feeling as an alert system, you can set up a warning signal for any type of adversity you want to sense in advance. You can scan for actual physical or financial danger or merely check for potential organizational conflict.

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