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Hearing Psychic Reception Area

The material provided to you on the Free Soul site was written by Pete A. Sanders, Jr.  He has provided it for you to read, not take. Mr Sanders has high interest in you benefiting from these techniques but as an author he is legally entitled to control the distribution of his words. If you want to publish something that is located here, ask him. You can also use this data from the University of Texas to learn about copyrights .

Both Psychic Hearing and that inner dialogue use that same wiring and internal sound system.  The speaker is the Psychic Reception Area for clairaudience.  It is located on either side of the head above the ear level.  This section of the skull lies over that part of the brain called the  temporal lobes.  It is an area of the cerebrum that processes auditory information.  Here nerve signals from the inner ear are gathered, sorted, and integrated so that sound waves striking the ear drum can be percieved as words or language.

The pioneer American brain surgeon, the late Dr. Wilder Penfield, found in the 1950s that electricity stimulating portions of the temporal lobes during surgery caused hsi patients to hear music or remenber bits of conversation.  Focusing your attention directly in this temporal-lobe area above the level of the ears seems to bypass the need to receive hearing information as sound waves.  words and language are simply mentally understood.  In contrast, focusing at ear level is what you do naturally when you want to use your physical hearing more acutely if you want to hear that across-the-room conversation more clearly.

Focusing at ear level seems to inhibit Psychic Hearing.  The key to tapping Psychic Hearing is to direct your attention above the ears.  Which side you focus on does not matter.  In fact, if you put your listening attention inside your head rather than toward a specific side, you are more likely to have clairaudient success.

Let's tap the Hearing Psychic Reception Area with a warm-up exercise:

1. Sit comfortably; relax.

2. Take a deep breath and exhale gently.

3. Practice sensing the different parts of your head area.  Without touching them, be aware of your ears and the level of your ears.

4. Now shift your focus upward and sense the area above your ears.  Be    aware of the sides of your head one or two inches above ear level.

5. Note how this area has a heightened sensitivity, like a microphone ready to amplify any sound or signal.  Picture huge megaphones channeling psychic vibration directly to the temporal lobes.

6. Alternate the levels of focus several times, first aiming your awareness at ear level, then letting it slide up to the temporal-lobe area above the ears.

Now notice the difference between outer and inner listening that I described earlier.  Move to a location where you can hear people talking around you; sit down and relax.

* Listen to some background conversation.  Notice how your attention is not only at ear level, but how your focus is inward rather than outward.

* Shift your focus now to the temporal-lobe area and talk to yourself, think to yourself.  Notice how your attention is not only above ear level, but how your focus is inward rather than outward.

These two processes are the keys to being able to tap Psychic Hearing at will.  Knowing how to shift your attention above ear level and how to focus your awareness inward are the skills that make clairaudience accessible on command.  Practicing this inner form of listening also helps turn up the volume on your Psychic Hearing.  This gives you the added benefit of opening a new source of psychic feedback when you talk to yourself, since you can use your claiaudience to receive psychic echoes from the universe when you mentally pose a question or need to solve a problem.

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