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The Intuition Psychic Reception Area

The material provided to you on the Free Soul site was written by Pete A. Sanders, Jr. He has provided it for you to read, not take. Pete has high interest in you benefiting from these techniques but as an author he is legally entitled to control the distribution of his words. If you want to publish something that is located here, ask Pete. You can also use this data from the University of Texas to learn about copyrights .

The Psychic Reception Area for prophecy is located at the top of the head. To access your Psychic Intuition successfully, direct your thought attention upward. It's as simple as that. Just think "up". Picture a funnel shape opening its larger end through the top of your head and extending outward toward the universe. To intuitively evaluate a person, place, or future happening via psychic knowing, focus your awareness upward and note your intuitive first impression. (We will show you exactly how to do this in the material that follows.)

The neurobiological basis for locating the Intuitive Psychic Reception Area at the top of the head is that the central fissure of the brain lies there. That central fissure provides the most direct and unobstructed pathway to the corpus callosum, the massive nerve bundle that interconnects the two hemispheres of the brain. With the recent emphasis on the advantage of using both the right and left sides of the brain, access to their primary connection may well be of profound importance. Moreover, shifting your awareness upward to the crown of the head consistently causes a marked increase in alpha-brain-wave activity -- the brain wave pattern most frequently associated with altered states of consciousness and increased extrasensory ability.

Metaphysically, the region of the aura that surrounds the top of the head has traditionally been viewed as an opening to higher states of consciousness. Many Eastern philophies believe this area to be the location of the crown chakra, the access point to greater spiritualality, and suggest focusing one's awareness there to enhance the power of meditation.

Whatever explanation you accept, the fact remains that you no longer have to wait for a psychic impression to strike you in order to be intuitive. By tapping this Psychic Reception Area, you can open this sensitive channel any time you need or want additional insight. You can prophetically compare your future options or decisions. You can quickly scan a person's potential, or monitor the status of current events and locations. You have the ability to be intuitive "on command". Furthermore, you have a specific method for practicing Psychic Intuition, and you can refine the accuracy, depth and clarity of your impressions.

Tapping the Gateway to Psychic Intuition

Let's try tapping your Intuition Psychic Reception Area. Follow the simple steps below for your initial experience with your channel for unlimited psychic knowing.

1. Relax, sit comfortably, and close your eyes.

2. Picture a funnel, its wide end extending up and out from the center of the top of your head.

3. Gently guide your awareness upward and focus your attention out through that funnel. Be open to whatever you experience.

4. Remember, do not try too hard; do not force your concentration!

5. Practice alternating between your normal eyes-open awareness, and thinking up with your eyes closed (turning your attention upward to to the Intuition Psychic Reception Area).

6. Feel how a multitude of impressions seems to be pouring into your mind through the funnel. Notice the sensation of heightened attunement that opens to you there.

Did that seem too easy? Well, there is nothing that says that being psychic has to be hard. Actually, Psychic Intuition is the easiest of the ESP channels to switch on once you know how. That upward-thinking process, almost literally, opens a door to universal knowledge so that instant information can flow in.

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