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The Vision Psychic Reception Area

The material provided to you on the Free Soul site was written by Pete A. Sanders, Jr. He has provided it for you to read, not take. Pete has high interest in you benefiting from these techniques but as an author he is legally entitled to control the distribution of his words. If you want to publish something that is located here, ask Pete. You can also use this data from the University of Texas to learn about copyrights.

Metaphysical philosophers believed the seat of Psychic Vision was an area in the forehead. They called this the third eye. This forehead/third-eye region is in fact the Vision Psychic Reception Area. Many religions anoint or decorate that forehead area in baptismal or other blessing rituals. Many schools of meditation tell their students to focus their thoughts there and visualize an image or scene.

Traditionally, the third eye was also thought to be linked with the pineal gland. Buried deep within the frontal center of the brain, the pineal is the most mysterious of the endocrine glands. Its function is not yet fully understood, but science has associated it with complex functions of light sensitivity in both man and animals. An even more logical connector between the forehead region and Psychic Vision, however, is the frontal cortex. The final stages of visual interpretation take place in this front part of the brain that lies in back of the forehead. Locating the third eye in the forehead long seemed to be in direct contradiction of the fact that visual information was processed in the occipital lobes at the back of the brain. But in computer images of the brain's electrical activity, done by inventor Jesse Salbs for the PBS series "The Brain", it can be clearly seen that the final stages of interpreting and organizing visual impression does in fact take place in the frontal lobes. Of particular interest are the patterns registered when you are dreaming. During the REM (rapid eye movement) portion of sleep-when dreams are most frequent-the brain shows a high incidence of frontal cortex activity but almost no activity in the rear occipital lobes. Dream images are seen with the mind rather than the eyes.

Psychic Vision works the same way. You receive images directly with the mind's eye. What has been missing in the metaphysical teachings about the third eye is how you can sense its exact location and know without a doubt where it is for you. Focusing in the forehead region is the best way to activate the third eye. With this knowledge, you will be able to tap Psychic Vision "on command" and discover the unfolding of your powers of clairvoyance and Aura Vision.

Remember that you have both physical and psychic vision. Over the years you have been trained to use your physical vision to the exclusion of your Psychic Vision. As a result, the latter skill has atrophied. You still have it, but it has to be reawakened. You need to start paying more attention to the higher level "television" screen of your Psychic Vision instead of looking only through the windows of your physical eyes.

Here is an easy way to prove that you do have both physical and psychic vision. Open and close your eyes. Notice how and where your attention shifts when you close your eyes. You will find that the moment you close your eyes your attention shifts upward. With the eyes closed, with the windows of your physical vision covered, all you have left is your Psychic Vision. As a result, your attention is naturally pulled upward toward that third-eye region. Try it a few times. Notice that upward attention shift each time you close your eyes.

The following technique will help you to precisely identify your Psychic Reception Area. It will show you how to locate the centers of your physical and psychic vision and open the gateway to the inner eye.

Vision Focus Shift

Purpose: The main purpose of this technique is to help you clearly experience your Vision Psychic Reception Area. You will also receive the equally valuable secondary benefit of truely believing that you are capable of Psychic Vision. The technique opens the way for learning how easily Psychic Vision impressions can be received once you know where and how to look.


A. Relax and sit comfortably. Before pinpointing your exact Vision Psychic Reception Area, it is important to understand the foci or center points of both the physical and psychic vision fields. An awareness of how that center point shifts when you switch from physical vision to Psychic Vision is crucial for understanding and effectively utilizing your Vision Psychic Reception Area.

B. Begin by finding the center point of your physical vision field. Relax and look straight ahead. While looking at the screen in front of you, feel where the center of your vision field is in relation to your face (that is, if a perfectly straight and level line were extended back toward you from the center of your field of vision, where would that line touch your face?). Most people find that the center of their physical vision field lies between their eyes and about an inch down from their eyebrows, at about the bridge of the nose.

C. Experiment to get the clear feeling of where you physical vision's center point is. If you are having great difficulty, extend your arm, point a finger at yourself and with you eyes open gradually bring your finger closer and closer to you (keeping it in the center of your field of vision) until it touches your face. Do not stare at you finger. Look straight ahead and keep your finger in the center of what you see until it touches your face. This point is the center of your physical vision field.

D. Now find the center of your Psychic Vision field. Before proceeding, however, take a minute to sense fully the center of your physical vision field. Feel how you can identify this area and be aware of its existence. Now close your eyes. See if you notice any shift in your vision field or its center. Most people feel a slight but distinct upward shift, for when you close your eyes you will in most cases automatically switch from physical vision to Psychic Vision. With your eyes open you have both vision capabilities, but you usually ignore or are unaware of your Psychic Vision in favor of your physical vision you have been trained to use.

E. Open and close your eyes. See if you can feel the shift. Now, with your eyes closed, feel the center of whatever visual perception you have, even if all you see is blackness. Most people find the center to be higher than their physical vision center-generally in an area of the forehead half an inch to an inch above the eyebrows. If you have difficulty feeling that center point, keep your eyes closed and bring your finger toward yourself until you touch your face. Keep your finger in the center of whatever you are perceiving with your eyes closed; it does not matter what you see, even it is total darkness; just stay in the center of it. Developing your awareness in this vision-field and center-point shift is the key to understanding and using the Vision Psychic Reception Area. By focusing your visual attention more in this area you will find it easier to receive psychic visual impressions.

F. With your eyes open, gently shift your focus of visual attention up to the Psychic Reception Area. See if you feel a greater awareness from or in this area of your visual field. Note your impressions and feelings, and compare them with your experiences when you look only with physical vision.


Everyone will have and feel a slightly different center point for their physical and psychic vision fields. The important issue is not the exact location of these center points but rather the shift that occurs when you change from one vision field to the other. This shift demonstrates that you do have more than one visual capability. Once you master the shift you will have on-command ability to experience both Aura Vision and Clairovoyant image Reception.

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